Monday, October 14, 2013

New pumps.

Until recently, to work, I'd been altering between sandals, heels and my leopard print pumps. The latter, however, have crumbled apart, and I have had to look elsewhere.

These bad boys cos £10 from a random boutique on Oxford Circus, who's name I can't remember. I like them a lot! The muted brown colour means I can pair it with most of my chinos, without coming across as overly colourful (which is definitely a problem I have with my canary yellow pumps). Comfort is top.
The bow at the front is cute, and there is a stich detail around the side:
 photo SAM_0838_zpsda556fc5.jpg

The only major downside of these are a recurring problem I have with many of my pumps: the heel, after one week's wear, is already starting to rub away. However, this may be because I tend to drag my heels when I work, so I can't begrudge the shoes too much for that.
Grade: B+/A-

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