Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Will win, Some will Lose, Some were Born to Sing the Blues.

I wasn’t sure about Ancelotti when he was appointed, but that was largely because I was still high from Hiddink. But I think Carlo’s done good. Obviously I’m massively disappointed about going out – and so early – in the CL, but actually, going out early was a blessing in disguise for Chelsea’s league form. He managed to find a brilliant way for Chels to play without Drogba when he was at the ACON, and he’s just such an adorable and huggable old man. I don’t think he got his tactics right for Hull, Everton and Blackburn away, and if it weren’t for those matches Chelsea could have had the title wrapped up long ago, but that wouldn’t have been half as exciting ;) But what I love most about Ancelotti is that – whilst Mourinho was such a character and could play the media like a fiddle – Ancelotti chose to let the football do the talking.
Drogba’s 29 goals – many of them pivotal ones – earnt him the rightful accolade of Golden Boot, but his all round play, in linking up, cutting back and creating assists have all been completely stellar. The sheer multitude of goals he’s scored is even more impressive if you consider that he was at the African Cup of Nations for much of January and he’s scored against all manner of teams – man or mouse. A close second, however, has got to be Frankie Lamps, who has bettered his (already excellent) goal talies for the season and gone about his business with a quiet professionalism that is second to none – he’s not been booked once this season. Ledge. (I really did rather enjoy Lampard putting Drogba in his place over who got to take the first penalty today. Or, I would have, if I wasn’t so fecking nervous).

A honourary mention to Florent Malouda, who after quite a while, got his swagback, and when he found his mojo, all of Chelsea did too. Is nice. Branislav Ivanovic, too, has shined, he’s been an absolute rock in defence, and Ashley Cole has been sizzling at left-back, both defensively and in going forward. His left foot, my god. It’s a mighty shame he got injured, but his performance today (and last weekend against Liverpool) showed Chelsea exactly what we’re missing. Best left back in the world.

On the whole, the Chelsea performances that have led me to call her a slut/whore/hoodrat – City at home and away, Everton at home and away, Spurs away etc have been down to goals due to errors from one man: JT. I may be laying on the hyperbole somewhat here, but if I knew that Terry was going to play in the donkey that he did this season and if I had 50million pounds, I would have happily paid Man City that just to bung him away from Chels. I couldn't care less who’s exes he’s knobbing (my best friend Terrys other people’s exes and I don’t judge her so I shan’t judge him), but the whole Bridgegate scenario definitely affected his game, which is bloody annoying.

Sunday’s rampant 8-0 rout over Wigan was bloody beautiful, and the goals – and the gorgeous, gorgeous ways they were scored pretty much summarized Chelsea’s attacking season. Hitting 7 past Stoke, Sunderland and Aston Villa was also lovely - I remember Lampard's donlike performance against Villa, and Sala's hat-trick against Stoke, all nice memories :) 3-0 against Spurs was fun, mainly because I got so drunk that I started cheering when Crouchie came on, FAIL. Owning Arsenal at the Emirates was LOVELY. But beating Manchester United on their own turf was the day I got the most drunk in the 2009-2010 season, and it felt so bloody good to beat them on their home turf and watch Chels play so well, (not to mention that it was the result that led Chelsea to leapfrog United) so that will probably be my high point.

There are two matches that still make me gnash my teeth, despite the fact that Chelsea have lifted the title on Sunday. Losing to Manchester City at home 4-2 was a crock of shitty shitty shit, because our players (save Lampard) were loltacularly awful, accentuated in the fact that we had two players sent off. I hated losing our proud home record, especially to ~~ Beleaguered Saint Wayne Bridge~~ and his ~~Loyal Mate~~ Carlos Tevez. Disgusting. And the other match that I still get bitter over was the loss away to Spurs. Quite possibly the worst performance from Chels this season, that match made me really angry, partly because it was the day before my birthday and I was really wanting Chelsea to give me something to smile about, partly because Paul Scholes’ last-second winner earlier that day for United had given me thirst for derby victory of our own, but mainly just because I bloody hate losing to Tottenham, and everyone on our team (save Lampard and Cech) played like complete donkeys, especially Drogba – who was at his petulant, tarty worst - and Terry – who’s horror tackle could have broken Bale’s leg. Ugh.

I think Ashley Cole scoring the eighth today summed up our season: technique, mastery, and goals from all over the pitch. Drogba, Lampard, Malouda and Anelka have all been in double figures with goals. We’ve done the double over all three of the other teams in the – now disbanded – Big Four, and we certainly didn’t get that through a fluke. It’s quite disconcerting to read the Sports section in papers and read them actually sying nice things about Chelsea and the football we’ve played, because I’m so used to seeing hate upon hate piled upon my team. But the fact that writers are swallowing their words and loving rather than hating shows just how attractive and entertaining my girlfriend’s been this season. Some days she’s sweet and some days she’s sour, but I can’t help but drink her up cos she’s my happy hour. ♥


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good entry. it would be good if i 'got' football.

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Ha. I still love you Annabung <333333333

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Ha. I still love you Annabung <333333333