Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day Me Me Me.


This entry is probably the epitome of narcissistic, but, what can I say, it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm bored. So, which of these following pics should I pic as my twitter and Facebook display pic, and wai, please and thank you.

A picture from 10 years ago?
Me faffing about on a friend's iPhone?
Me sitting down?
Drinking beer?
Group photo?
Chillin' with the bro?
Wearing a skirt?  
When I had long hair?
Or something else you've seen on here/FB/twitter?

lol, so self-preening.


Besty said...

So vain.

And to answer your question, anything's better than the one of you and your brother in your Chelsea and Spurs strips. Vom. The beer one is very "you", but you look hottest in the silver dress.

Besty said...

Oh sorry, I didn't see you'd changed your twitter one.

The current one is good, I like the irony. :p

paul haine said...

The second one.

Calum Reed said...

That dress you're wearing in "group photo" is gorgeous. And so is the guy to the right of the beer pic.

I'd go with Iphone.