Tuesday, May 25, 2010

California Gurls, you’re unforgettable. Daisy dukes, bikinis on top.

I was having a bout of insomnia last night, so I ended up on the internet, perusing weheartit.com, a website that collects pretty images for our browsing enjoyment. One of the motifs I looked at were that of bikinis, and some of the photos are beyond lovely: -



Anyway, it got me thinking. It’s about time I at least made the effort to try and get my body bikini-presentable. I’m not fat but I’m certainly not thin, and I think I could do with shedding about 8 or so pounds, especially as I’ve never in my 20 years given any thought to the consequences of what I consume, nor done any decent amount of exercise. I aim to change that.


… says she, munching into a cinnamon bun.

But yes, I’ve set mid-July as the deadline. I shall keep you posted on how things go, and if I do, ever – get anywhere near the bikini bod I’d so like. It's going to be such a test because as you know, I bloody love my food  


Besty said...

Mmmm... hamburgers.


I maintain you don't need it, but good luck with the diet if that's what you really want.

paul haine said...

"I shall keep you posted on how things go"

There had better be photos or I'll be demanding a refund.

Just a girl said...

Phew. I'll admit, I freaked out a little bit when I clicked through to this from another post (glee-related, I think); you said "I've got to get my bikini body ready" and I was all noooo! Emmaaaa! PLEASE DON'T GO ALL CRAZY SKINNY DIETING ON ME. YOU DON'T NEED TO!!!! but I now realise you are being quite reasonable :) I too need to get into shape - fit, that is, I eat anything and everything - what's moderation?? sigh. need to get running or something. good luck! :D


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