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39. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Richard Brooks, 1958).

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Development Plan
What I am going to develop What it is for How long it will take, equipment needed Areas to be careful around
Taking photos of the lead singer, Emily. Mainly the front cover, but if there are any left over, they can be used for the information sleeve. Half an hourDigital camera, guitar. To only take photos that I will need, keep the image focussed.
Take photos of scenery or backgrounds. Inside the information sleeve Half an hour.Digital camera, scenery. Not to take too many photos, but to take enough to have variety when applying them to new test.
Make the base and backing for a stand, then test it. The stand. An hour.Card, scissors, ruler, glue. Not to throw away the trial product, as this can be re-used.
Testing Put the CD case to the new stand, and see if it works. Ten minutes.A CD case. If the testing fails, I understand why it fails.
Making changes to the first stand. I may have to rebuild a model, or to add things to the current one. CD stand – general stability, or protecting the case. An hour.Card, scissors, ruler, glue. To make sure than any changes are beneficiary to the product.
Taking pictures of band The information sleeve and some of the stand. 20 minutes.Digital camera. Not taking unnecessary photos.
Combining scenery and pictures & flashy effects. Front cover of CD. (when this has finished, the general outline of the cover should be formed.) Several hours.Microsoft Paint (to get rid of the background first) and Adobe Photoshop. When erasing the background of the original picture in paint, I must take care not to erase the actual picture.
Page structure Inside sleeve Ten minutesSome rough paper To take into account of printing on both sides.
Basic band information, combined with some simple images. This should form the beginning of the information sleeve for the CD. 1 hour.Photoshop, ready-taken photos. When writing text, use the same fonts for style and consistency.

Ideas will be developed in a separate A4 folder. All picture files are saved in JPEG format, as it is easier to make changes with this format.

Printing Methods

Printing Method How it works Advantages Disadvantages
Inkjet printing Printed out. Half an hourDigital camera, guitar. Slow, expensive on cartridges.Blotches.To get good quality, you need specialist paper (may only be available in limited sizes)
LaserJet printing Very quick. Quality is very good even on normal paper Very quick. Quality is very good even on normal paper LaserJet printers are expensive to purchase and can be to run. 6p per A4 page.
Photocopiers Technology for colour photocopier is same as for Laser printer.Graphics are applied to face of photocopier and copies are made. Efficient. quality of the scanning is not as good because the information is not coming from a computer. (you are purely photocopying something you have printed out from a computer.)
Offset lithography Most industry uses a form of offset litho printing. You need up to 4 separate printing plates for a full colour image. (CMYK) key – black. Once plates are set up, printing is v. fast, accurate and cheap. Fast, v. cheap if you are producing large quantities – More than 500 copies, preferably over 1000. This is because of the cost of making printing plates. If the testing fails, I understand why it fails.

Within school, we use the most appropriate printing method, Colour Laser.

Materials for Point of Sale Display Stand
In addition to a variety of card, I could also look at some other materials as possibilities for the point of sale display stand.

Material Description Uses and Cost How it would be made into product
Acrylic Acrylic fibers are synthetic fibes made from a strong and durable plastic. Medium cost. The acrylic selected would be HIP, and it would be shaped by
Polystyrene A type of thermoplastic (will soften when heated and can be shaped when hot). The material has good resistance to impact and moisture but poor weather resisitance as it can be broken down by ultraviolet light. It is economical and is used for producing plastic model assembly kits, plastic cutlery, CD “jewel cases”, and many other objects where a fairly rigid, economical plastic of any of various colors is desired. Line bending.
MDF Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), is an engineered product formed by breaking down softwood into wood fibres, combining it with wax and resin, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure.Medium density. Because MDF is fibre-based, it has a remarkably consistent structure. This quality makes it easy to machine or employ in woodworking applications. MDF is often used with melamine or wood veneers.
Balsa wood Fairly soft, lightweight wood which is easily cut. Disposable stands,Medium cost. Joining by wood adhesive. Cut with scrollsaw.

Batch Production Methods
If this project was to be done in a batch, the information sleeves would be printed by offset lithography (cheaper, faster, more efficient), though the stand would still be printed by a printer, as there would be a smaller demand for it.
Evaluation against the specification

Evaluation against specification
- Stand must support and display one CD. It holds and supports one CD.
- It must have a stable base to prevent it from toppling over. The base has wedges at the back to support it, and to prevent it from toppling over.
- Advertise the C.D., as this is the main aim of a P.O.S. display stand. The buyers can see the CD case, as well as two of the band members on either side.
- Be made to fit the ergonomic and anthropometrics of store workers – adults. The package should all be quite easy to assemble.
- Have a colour scheme, images and general style that appeals to teenage boys and girls, as this is my target market. The colour scheme appeals to teenage boys and girls, as shown from the results of the questionnaire.
- Stand must be printed on a net to be assembled for the shop workers.
- Be made of a strong material, so as to support the product. The card selected is strong enough to support the product.
- Words must be legible. So far I have not arranged any wording, though I will work on this in the manufacturing stage.
- Stand must not have sharp edges, as these are dangerous. The edges are not very sharp.

CD cover and inside sleeves
- Show what it is advertising. The main image shows the lead singer, playing the guitar.
- Be presented on the same size paper/card that fits the dimensions of the CD case. The sleeve fits neatly inside a CD case.
- Not use violence or anything illegal to promote the band, as this is giving out wrong moral messages to the world. Nothing illegal is shown in the sleeves, though the girl sitting on the photocopier is slightly “naughty.”
- Give some information about the band, or style of music. There is a little passage inside the sleeve that gives some background information about each band member.
- It must be cut with a guillotine and scored with a machine, photocopied, scanned, or done with a template to ensure best quality with school equipment in batch production. The sleeve was cut with a straight edge and knife to best quality, and stuck together with spray glue.
- Images must be printed on colour printer. They were.
- Fonts, motifs and colours must be matching in the CD cover and information sleeve, otherwise this will appear unprofessional. There were two fonts used for variety, but no more.

Display stand
- Should have matching motifs and colour schemes, as the CD will be placed in the stand, and a clash of colours will not look good. It should have some indication of the band, or the band’s style of music. The background images on the stand were that of nature, and this was used too in the CD cover, so they match.
- Images may be drawn, photographed, generated on the computer, as, done well, any of these techniques look good. A combination may also be used. I used a combination of photographs and effects with Photoshop, such as using the blend tool to make it look like Emily was sitting on a photocopier.
- Show attractive and/or intriguing images that will grab the buyer’s attention. I have not yet gotten round to adding images, but I intend to.
- Not use too much of colours like black and grey, because they will give false messages about the type of band, and black is also too dark. I have used colours such as green and blue instead.
- Be made from environmentally materials. Card is more environmentally friendly than most other available materials.

C.D. cover and sleeve
- Present the band as cool, individual and intelligent females, and not stereotypes. I have avoided two key stereotypes – dark, Gothic styles (long black hair and brooding) and the cheerful bubblegum pop brand. Instead, the band has just been photographed doing their everyday things, such as eating and studying, to capture their more accessible side.
- Incorporate pastel/autumn hues. So far, I have not used many Autumnal colours, despite using quite a few images of trees.
- Cover and information sleeve of CD should not use words that are too advanced to be understood. I haven’t done this. In fact, from the questionnaire, some found the writing patronizing, which shows that I went too far the other way.
- Information sleeve should have lyrics. Lyrics were too lengthy to fit into 8 pages, so I opted to put background information about each song instead.
- C.D. cover should have images that relate the style. There are images of school to relate to the songs about education, as well as everyday images.
- Stand should have good choices of colour and size, as these are the things noticed about it. Colours are attention seeking and bright.

Display stand
- The stand may be given a gloss, matt, or semi-matt finish to give it a more professional look. I didn’t give it any finish because I decided it wasn’t needed.
- Stand may use small amounts of materials such as sequins, glitter or textiles to attract attention. I have not identified need for any yet
- Show images of the band, as this is one of the main forms of advertising them. Stand shows two band members.
- Give the address of the band’s website, so that potential buyers could go online to listen to the music first. I have not added this yet, but I may.
- Appeal to the customer through subtle or obvious advertising techniques, e.g., “The best CD of the year.” I have not added any yet, but may decide to.
- Be designed, in terms of size, to make the most of the counter top, as the larger it is, the harder it is to miss. Mine was fairly large.

C.D. cover and sleeve
- CD may be designed for a cardboard case. I had used card.
- Use motifs that were suggested in the questionnaire, especially that of the comic book, T-shirt, or beach. I used a theme of school.
- Give some information about the band, the style of music. Background information of each song is given.
- Give a band website, as well as facts about where the proceeds have gone. I added this on the very last page.

For the information sleeve, there was a range of styles in which I could have made the cover booklet:

8 Page Booklet

1 & 2 will be stuck back to back, 3 and 4 will be stuck back to back, and all the 4 sheets will be stuck together.

6 page fold over

Isometric and Orthographic projections

Manufacture plan
Step one
Draw net for base, wedges and root. Use solid line for cutting, and dotted line for scoring.

Step two
Add text and pictures onto the nets. Then I will print this out on LaserJet printer.

Step three
Cut out template. I will cut with a straight edge and Stanley knife for the best precision.

Step four
I will stick down all the joints and assemble everything together.

CD cover and sleeve
Step one
Combining images and texts on photoshop.