Wednesday, November 21, 2007



I speak of this.

I blame everyone except Crouch, who played well.

Sigh, football is such a depressing game.

I want cheering up.


Anodynous Roxy said...


I blame EVERYONE except Crouch.

I didn't watch the game...if I did I'd probably be bawling in front of the TV.

This is the last thing I need to mark a crappy and miserable week!


I need some cheering up as well.

Emma said...

That was such a fucking joke that I can't even laugh about it. It was SO disappointing.

Hate Croatia so much. I know, it's England's fault, but I loathe them for doing this to us.

Also, I hate England.

I hate the scorer of those two early goals. But then we were lucky, we got gifted a penalty, then Crouchie scored a beauty, then...


Anodynous Roxy said...

I hate them both. Croatia for well, knocking us out. England for all the right reasons.

Ugh..I thought that goal was enough.


Emma said...

Let's not think about this. Tell me why your week's been crappy otherwise. Let's whine about that instead!

Anodynous Roxy said...

I have three assignments to hand in this week. I have a colloquium presentation this weekend. And because of these things, I lack sleep and proper judgement.

I get by the day with only 2 hours of sleep.

Plus, I feel like I'm being used by people I call friends.

And the situation at home isn't doing me any good either.

Crappy week (to me, anyway) indeed.

Emma said...

Yeah, my week's been quite shitty as well. I got called a cheat by my teacher, and I've had so much homework due in that I haven't gotten much sleep either. Ugh, and now this.

It's not fair.

I want a boyfriend to rant about all this shite to!

Anodynous Roxy said...

I read about that. Your teacher's mean! I had a teacher once who said I cheated in an exam and wanted me to resit it again. Bleh.

I want a boyfriend who will listen to my rants about this too =(

No fair...

Anonymous said...

I feel relieved more than anything.

Cheer up Emma, Crouchy played better than the rest of England put together :)

Anonymous said...

How to cheer you up...

Had England qualified, it just would have been the "big name" XI with Stevie Me and Shrek playing every match. Crouch might not even have made it as a sub, Emma.

So you're not missing anything. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a banana.

Unknown said...

I laughed when Croatia scored their first

Anonymous said...

I laughed when Lampard scored his penalty!