Monday, November 19, 2007

I like.

Vanity Fair's Atonement:


^^Joe Wright, James McAvoy & Keira Knightley.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Joe Wright for some reason. I like his movies and I think he's talented, but there's just something to him that makes it hard for me to warm to the fella.

Emma said...

Just a stab in the dark... is it that he's engaged to the lovely Miss Rosamund Pike? ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe. But he still annoys me without that.

Humph, don't want Atonement winning Best Director.

Emma said...

Fair dos. I loathe Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson and a kazillion others with a passion.

Anonymous said...
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Emma said...

Ugh, 'tis a v. irritating story to tell.

Basically, we were given an open book Maths paper to do. So we were allowed notes and stuff, which I did use.

However, that wasn't the problem. I got 81/86, but one of my mistakes, I was told, was the same as in the mark scheme, so he put 2+2 together and got pi, and basically accused me of just copying all my answers off the mark scheme. What the fuck? We were allowed notes, I used notes, what the fuck would I need a Zummering mark scheme for?

Probably he just smelt a fish when he saw my high test result, probably assuming that I couldn't do well in an exam without the aid of a bit o' Cristiano-ing, and hence, I must have cheated.

The worst bit about it was what he wrote on my paper: "NAUGHTY!! NAUGHTY!!!" I mean, what the fuck??? That sort of talk should be kept into the constraints of the bedroom and not onto the exam paper of a perfectly innocent (cough) schoolgirl. What a complete and utter self-servicing, chavvy, Charlton supporting twat!!!!

Now, Economics. Has pissed me off greatly:

Overall, current upside risks to inflation include rising oil prices, a fall in unemployment and an increase in average earnings. Out of these oil is possibly the most important, as it is a factor in the previous rise in inflation and a major part of consumer spending by consumers and investment in firms.

Current downside risks include low confidence due to financial market uncertainty, weakened housing market and the strong pound. From the point of view if financial markets, it has been recommended that rates should be lowered.

With the threat of highly volatile oil prices [as well as news of Australia, a major producer of wheat, being hit by a drought that could result in a 6% rise in raw ingredients], we have already seen how inflation can increase as a result of these, so it would be possibly ill-advised to lower rates further at the moment.

We would keep the rate of interest the same this month, perhaps considering lowering them in the future.

[I know, what bullshit].

Am not in a very good mood to be honest. I think I'll sulk for a week about it, actually. No-one likes being called a cheat.

Anonymous said...

Stop deleting my posts you bitch! :p

Ouch, that's harsh.

I think I would be suspicious if just any student had the same mistake as a mark scheme, mind you, if a mark scheme and a good student made it, maybe it was just one of those silly mistakes that many do make?

However I think it out of order that he wrote that on your script, if he was unsure he could have just asked, instead of assuming the worst. Plus, you're good at Maths, it doesn't make sense that he would think that of you. Maybe he's still sore from the time you said you prefered that other Maths teacher to him. Or he just wanted to wind you up. Bit petty of a teacher to fight battles with 17 year olds girls tho

You're entitled to feel angry in this case, I think.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up, Emma, you could also look at it this way:

He accused you of cheating with just a tidbit of evidence to go by.

Obviously, something in the past has made him suspect everyone all the time.

His wife (if he has one, he doesn't sound very sexy) is probably cheating on him then.

Anyway, the Economics looks good. I don't understand a word, if it helps!

Unknown said...

new banner's too big :(

RJ said...