Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thoughts on five samplers ordered from FeelUnique - part 3

Unlike my two previous FeelUnique hauls (reviews here: un et deux), I got more than just samples of perfume for my third haul. The two different products I got this time were a night cream and a shampoo/conditioner combo.

So, here are my thoughts on November's treats...

Elemis Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix

This was a small quantity of an anti-aging face cream to apply at night. Anti-aging products usually take at least a month to demonstrate any effect, so I can't from such a small sample attest to its efficacy (the Elemis website contains reviews from people who have been using it for much longer).

But in terms of how my skin felt the morning after using it, it did feel rejuvenated, supple and fresh, suggesting the majority of positive reviews are true. The product also had a nice smell. So it's very likely that, in a year or so, when I become more extensive in my skincare, I may get this product in the quantity it's sold in, to be able to give it a proper review!

Fekkai shampoo and conditioner

Apparently these products make your hair glossier, but I didn't see such an effect after one use. Part of the problem was due to the stingy quantity the sample came in. The amount included in the sample would barely have been enough to wash the hair of person of medium-length hair, let alone the length mine was at the time of testing the product:

Following usage, I didn't detect any difference in my hair from when it's washed with the usual stuff that I buy on deal from Boot's, hence, I consider this product rather fraudulent. 3/10

My Way by Giorgio Armani

In theory, I should love this fragrance. Its top notes are bergamot and orange blossom and its base notes are cedarwood, vanilla and white musks. All smells that are nice in isolation, and indeed, my initial response to applying the perfume was that it smelt good. I particularly liked that initial hit of citrus. 

But blended together in the concentrations that were used in in My Way, the perfume had a distinctly 'mature' lingering reaction, which is about 15 years too old for the scent I'm aiming for. Thus, sadly, I can't see myself becoming a consumer of the perfume any time soon. 6.5/10.

Love Osmanthus Atelier Cologne

Love Osmanthus gave an even stronger initial hit of citrus than My Way, but this smell fades very quickly. The after-smell is that of apricots, with the apricots over-powering all the other flavours, to the cologne's detriment.

The fragrance has a more unisex feel than the other two I'm reviewing in this blog, and, as with Kierin Nitro Noir, I'd say that works against it, as I prefer more overtly feminine fragrances. 5.5/10.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Okay, so this one is closer to the one that Anya Taylor-Joy models for, although she specifically models for Flowerbomb Midnight, which is a variation of this. 

She's so gorgeous!

With top notes of tea, bergamot, freesia and base notes of amber, cashmeran, patchouli, this is a delightfully feminine fragrance. The sillage wasn't too strong, but pleasantly subtle, and overall it was smelled enticingly floral without being migraine-inducingly so. 7.5/10.


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