Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Thoughts on five perfume samples

The new world order that we're currently in means that shops are being a lot more careful about putting out samplers. In most cases, they're erring on the side of caution and not leaving out samplers at all. This makes perfect sense from a health and safety perspective, but I do so very much miss being able to try fragrances before you buy!

Graciously, a neat little workaround of this problem is to order five samplers from the Feel Unique website. You then just have to cover the price of the postage and packaging, of £3.95. You can use this amount to spend on your next Feel Unique order too!

The five I ordered were: YSL Libre, Viktor & Rolf Bonbon, Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey, Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal, and Kierin Nitro Noir. Aren't the samplers just darling?

My thoughts on the fragrances, from left to right:

YSL Libre 

This sampler really attests to the fact that the whiff you get of a perfume when you're in the store isn't enough of a trial to see if it's for you. Because I loved this when I tried it on in the department store, but, having a sampler of it, I re-applied it a few times during the day, and the smell didn't linger as nicely as I'd want it to.

It is still sensual, floral smell, and the incense-y sandalwood renders it a bit different, but the initial lavender smell you get from it doesn't remain, unfortunately. Instead, the drydown smells are cedar and musk, which are a little too masculine for my palate.

I think I wanted to love it as Dua Lipa is the model for it (and who doesn't wish they were as babely as Dua?) 7/10.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

Speaking of being swayed because of who the model for the fragrance was... I selected this scent because I remember Anya Taylor-Joy being the model for one of the Viktor & Rolf perfumes, and assumed it was this. It wasn't; she reps the Flowerbomb Midnight. But nonetheless, her presence got me turned onto Viktor & Rolf, so in that sense, she earned her keep!

I really liked this fragrance. I'm usually a little wary of sweet perfumes, which this one obviously is. But this is a youthful, flirty smell, with a hint of musk. The caramel and plum scents render it distinctive and memorable. 8/10.

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey

My favourite of the five!

The main smell of L'Eau d'Issey is floral, which suits me perfectly (I have a few perfumes and they're all overwhelmingly flowery). There are also base notes of cedar wood, musk, and citrus, and they all complement each other very well.  So, it starts out floral, and then the citrus notes fade in, and the two mesh gorgeously. This a fresh scent that would be ideal for late spring and summer. 8.5/10.

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal certainly has the dash of sleaze that you'd expect from a scent of this name, but it smelt too thickly of honey for me. I could envision the strong honey smell getting rather noxious if you put too much of it on. 5.5/10.

Kierin Nitro Noir

A unisex fragrance, this is definitely a bit different. I found it too pungent, and lacking the floral notes that I crave in my perfumes, so, not for me sadly. 5/10.

These are just my stream of conscious thoughts on the five perfumes. I won't be pivoting to becoming a fashion blogger, but I just thought I'd let you know about the awesome deal that's available, should you, like me, be hankering for the good old days of being able to walk into a department store and smell perfumes to your heart's desire!

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