Saturday, October 10, 2020

Thoughts on five perfume samples ordered from FeelUnique - part 2

My obsession with smelling new fragrances means that I'm ordering five samples from FeelUnique, subject to their limits on ordering (one order of samplers per month).

Below are my thoughts on October's batch!

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey: this was a re-order as it was my favourite from the first haul. My thoughts on it here.

Perfect by Marc Jacobs: more like Sterile. Perfect instantly struck me as smelling of air freshener. Apparently this perfume has the same base notes as Daisy, but the clinical, pungent rhubarb top notes overpower that. A noxious cashmeran concoction that I could not recommend. 3/10.

Kenzo World by Kenzo: As with Libre by YSL and the Viktor & Rolf fragrance which I erroneously thought was the one Anya Taylor-Joy repped, the thing that drew me to Kenzo World was the advert that Margaret Qualley (by far the best thing about Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood) appeared in.

And the advert is as good as it gets for this fragrance. The strong strawberry chapstick tones are unusual for a perfume, but not in a good way. I could definitely see myself getting a headache from the synthetic floral base notes, as well. 4/10.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera: Sweet and mature with almond overtones, I would prescribe this scent for classy rich ladies in the 40 to 50 age bracket. It's a bit too grown up for me, though, especially the faintly medicinal aroma. 6/10.

Lady Million Empire by Paco Rabanne: this is a rich perfume, consisting of a multitude of flavours: oranges, berries and lilies. This is topped off with a distinctive Cognac scent, which gives the perfume a boozy whiff. Alcoholic whiffs in perfumes can go disastrously wrong (see Kierin Nitro Noir), but Lady Million blends the flavours well enough that the overall effect is somewhat beguiling. The longevity is also good with this product. 7/10.

If you would like me to blog about your fragrance, I would be very happy to give an honest review in exchange for a sample of the product. Email me for enquiries at

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