Monday, November 30, 2020

Thoughts on five items ordered from the FeelUnique luxury samples

Unlike the other three sample reviews I did (most recent one here), the five items I ordered in this review weren't part of the pick and mix for £3.95 deal. Instead, these samplers were part of the 'deluxe samples', where it is £16.90 for five samples and postage and packaging.

The five items you choose come in a clear make-up bag:

Being pricier than the £3.95 deal, the idea is that these items are of higher quality than those available in the generic £3.95 deal, or there is a higher quantity of them. For example, the Moschino perfume came in a 5ml sampler in the deluxe deal, whereas the perfume testers in the pick and mix usually come in sizes of 10-12ml.

So, did the higher price point translate to greater customer satisfaction on my part? Read on and see!

Moschino Toy 2 eau de parfum

As you can see from the photo above, the product is packaged fantastically. The bear-shaped bottle cap and the bottle crafted like a bear's body is an ingenious idea, and after I've finished the product, I will display the bottle with my other perfume bottles to decorate my room in as winning a manner as possible for work conference calls

Unfortunately, that's where the charm ends with Toy 2. I absolute despised the smell of it. It's meant to smell of apple, magnolia and mandarin oranges, but it just smells strongly of disinfectant, with an unhealthy dose of hotel soap thrown in. Ew!

It's a crying shame that the perfume that has come in the greatest quantity since I began reviewing perfume samples is the one that I find least palatable. Honestly, if it wasn't for my aversion to waste, I would just pour the product down the sink, because I find it utterly repulsive. Never again am I subjecting my poor nosebuds to this monstrosity. 2/10

Bybi Beauty Babe Balm

This product is a balm that intends to hydrate and nourish any part of the face that it's applied to, and it can be used anywhere. I applied it on my lips and dry parts of my face that felt dry on occasions, such as my brow, and I did find the balm helped soothe chapped parts of the face. You can also use it to care for the less well-looked after parts of the body, such as the nails and cuticles.

The price point, for a full-sized portion, is probably a bit steep, but if you have the funds to splash out, it's a helpful addition to one's make-up bag. 7/10

Elizabeth Arden Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Hydra-Plumping Serum Capsules

The sample gives you seven capsules, and you're meant to use one every evening, so that gave me a week's supply of the serum capsules. And, despite only being able to test it out for a short space of time, I definitely found it gave my skin an extra spring in its step in the morning after! 

I was so impressed by this product that I treated myself to one of the Elizabeth Arden full-sized capsule skincare items in the Black Friday sale; watch this space for my thoughts on how the product fared on my skin over the longer-term.

Invisibobble traceless hair clip

This product was a waste of money. Considering that it's £16.90 for five items, for the samples to be worth it, they need to be worth £3.38 each. Three of the hairclips are currently on sale on the ASOS website for £3.70, so one hairclip definitely isn't worth £3.38!

Besides the price point, I was less than impressed with the product itself. The primary function of hair clips is to hold your hair back from your face, for which this was too clumsily shaped and 'bobbly' to achieve its aim. A bland, pointless product. 3/10

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

This elegant product is a make-up remover with a twist. You apply it to your skin like you would Vaseline, and that, combined with water, removes all make-up, whilst leaving your skin nourished. 

The product has a welcomingly silky consistency and it balms and clears your skin in addition to removing the day's make-up and germs. Better yet, a small quantity of this product goes a long way, so you don't need a large amount to remove the day's make-up, meaning the product can last a decent length of time. 8/10


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