Sunday, April 19, 2020

Product review: Original Fizzy Cola Bottles Retro Sweets Gift Jar (Berrymans Sweet Shop)

I ordered the Original Fizzy Cola Bottles Retro Sweets Gift Jar by Berrymans Sweet Shop to get me through the lockdown, as I have a sweet tooth and I like to snack on Cola bottles during the day.

These were not the standard I have come to expect from Haribo fizzy Cola bottles. They arrived, saturated with sugar. There was about 2cm of sugar piled up at the bottom of the bottle!

They were too acidic - I like the sour flavour of Haribos, but these went too far; no sweets should cause their consumer to grimace every time they're eating them! And they also didn't have the soft texture of Haribos. Instead, they were starchy and borderline stale.

At £9 for 585g, these sweets are considerably pricier per Cola bottle than the Haribos, and much less appetising. So, for the budget-concious of you out there, this represents a sage lesson for future lockdowns: stock up on Haribos!

The sweets that are available for sale on the internet are but a cheap (although ironically, more overpriced) imitation.

Grade: E

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