Monday, April 03, 2017

Restaurant review: THE GRILL at AMBA HOTEL (Marble Arch)

The Groupon deal with which my friend and I were dining with was £35 for two steaks (with a side each) and a bottle of wine to share, which, as keen carnivores, we were eager to take advantage of.

Like the LivingSocial deal at Truc Vert, the Amba Hotel was located on one of the sidestreets of Oxford Circus and encouragingly, like the Truc Vert meal, proved to be another online restaurant buy that actually proved to be good value for money.

We were offered a choice of ribeye or sirloin steak, and we both plumped for the sirloin. I think someone once told me that if you’re having sirloin it should be cooked rare, so rare mine was. We had a choice of sides ranging from salad to macaroni cheese. I chose handcut chips (pictured above). The mushrooms in the dish were purely ornamental as I don’t like them, but the tomatoes imbued some much-needed veg to the meal.

We were entitled one dip with the steak, and I had my default choice of béarnaise. The sauce was so good, I finished the entire pot, the creamy dip studded with herbs that really embellished the moreish flavour of the egg yolk and white wine concoction.

The Grill was a swanky 4* restaurant. The service we received, from an attentive young lad, was excellent, and the plush surroundings with their comfortable but elegant furniture, injected a soupçon of class into our evening.

Furthermore, unlike other places where I’ve eaten at using a Groupon deal when wine is included with the meal, the Amba Hotel didn’t serve us bottom of the barrel cat piss, but a Chilean Merlot that complemented the meat terrifically. In more pretentious restaurants, such a wine alone could rack up about £20-£30.

Overall, this is easily one of the best Groupon food deals I’ve experienced. If you like succulent, tasty steaks, fulfilling red wine and a refined but laid-back ambiance, I could not recommend The Grill at Amba Hotel more.

Grade: A


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