Friday, April 07, 2017

Brief thoughts on four lipbalms I've finished recently.

I don't much like my eyes (which are far too small, even for a Chinese person. *sadface*), so I often try to direct attention to the lower part of my face, instead. And that's why I absolutely love lipglosses and lipbalms, because they fulfil this role so well! [example of me parading my cheeky pout].

Inevitably, due to my predilection for coating my lips in the stuff, I finished four small tubs of lipbalm recently, so here be brief thoughts and grades for each of them: 

Soap & Glory Smooch Operator
I very much have a love/hate relationship with S&G products. When they strive for excellence, their products are better in their field than any of their competitors. When they phone it in, the outcome is bottom of the barrel. This lipbalm, which I got given last April for my birthday and I love so much I only use on nights out and when I'm seeing friends, falls very much in the former camp.

Its ingredients of wild mango butter, vitamin E oil and sweet almond and shea butters make for a lipbalm that is quite sturdy in consistency in the pot, but rubs easily across your lips, and moisturises them very fulfillingly. The feeling of moisture sustains longer than most other lipbalms, and it has an ace smell to go with it. A.

Body Shop Born Lippy - passionberry and strawberry flavours
These lipbalms are softer in texture than the Smooch Operator, and moisturise your lips for slightly less time, so you have to apply it on more frequently. Whereas the Smooch Operator was used purely for social occasions, the two Body Shop ones, had more day-to-day applications.

My feelings about this vary by the two flavours; the strawberry one tasted and smelt too artificial, whereas the passionberry one smelt lush, so much so that it's a nice item to have in your bag just to smell now and then, even if you aren't going to use it.
Pasisionberry: A
Strawberry: C

Vaseline rosy lips: Rose and Almond Oil
Due to its slightly more oily texture and clear(ish) colour, the Vaseline Petroleum jelly is a more versatile product than the other three, which due to their sturdiness (Smooch Operator), or their bright colour (the Body Shop items) can only be used for lipbalms and lipbalms only. The Petroleum jelly can also be used for hand cream, or general moisturiser for parts of the face that are dry.

My only quibble is the smell; whilst not as sickly as the strawberry Body Shop lipbalm, too much of the rose smell gave me a faint headache. I'm currently using the Vaseline Aloe Vera product, which has a more natural smell, and I much favour. B+.


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