Sunday, April 02, 2017

Get (that misplaced full stop) Out.

I watched Get Out this evening. Partly because critics and my friends alike have been raving about it,  but mainly because I'm a massive BBFC nerd and I was curious if this typo (a full stop where there should be a comma) would show up on the big screen, before the movie.

Spoiler alert: it did.

Tut tut, BBFC! Not been doing too well recently with all those typos, are we?!

Good movie was good, by the way. Brit Daniel Kaluuya was an ace leading man and Jordan Peele, the comedian, had a surprisingly tight control of the story and plot. Get Out was a horror movie that did not go places I expected it to go.  8/10.


In case you hadn't realised, I nerd out over the BBFC in a major way. The rest of my studious investigation of them here.


Emjae said...

Another typo, for JAB HARRY MET SEJAL: moderate sex references. threat, violence, obscured rude gesture (full stop misplaced)

Emma said...

Good spot Myrone! Thank you for letting me know :)