Sunday, June 01, 2014

Review of some magazine freebies

I got the May/June editions of Company, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Two of them had Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen, two of my favourite working young actresses in, and I fancied the look of the freebies that came with the other. As the three freebies were all above the quality of the usual chocolate bar/malfunctioning mascara that you usually get, I thought I’d give my thoughts on them.

 photo IMG_20140509_235801.jpg

Nail polish:
- The turquoise one is not a particularly flattering shade, and will be relegated to the back of my nail polish drawer. - The peach one, however, is utterly adorable. I’ve been wearing it with a sparkly pink topcoat on my finger and toenails and it’s a perfect pastel look for the Summer, especially given I have sparkly pink flip-flops as well. LOVE.

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Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix:
Having ‘shiny legs’ is somewhat of an obsession of mine, especially during the Summer, and given that this is a product devoted solely to that, I was enamoured immediately.
The smell is minty, but not obtrusively so, and application is easy: just squirt out as much as you require and spread on your legs.
It is very effective, and one application will keep my legs smooth for a whole day. Love this product; wish there was more of it to go around!

Aromatherapy Associates face products:
- Still yet to use the cleanser
- The Face Mask is lovely; it hydrates your face without feeling too ‘sticky’ like other face masks. Application and removal are also extremely simple.
- Moisturiser: wonderful, worked wonders on my face when my skin was going through a dry patch! Again, I just wish there was more of it!

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