Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tights, stockings and hold-ups.

Having worked at my firm for a year now, I've developed a particular style during the Spring/Summer months: skirts and dresses, usually paired with a waist belt and a funky pair of tights/stockings. Here are a couple of the pairs I've been rocking in recent weeks, and my thoughts on them.

Below: all from Primark
 photo SAM_1121_zps5686404b.jpg
Sadly the middle pair is with me no more, as, just after two wears + washes, it had too many rips and ladders, which says it all about the durability really. However, I loved the elastic gusset top of the hold-up, and generally prefer wearing hold-ups as it puts less pressure on my stomach and means I can get away with eating a carbier lunch. The only thing you have to be careful with when wearing hold-ups is for the skirt not to be too short, otherwise you'll constantly feel self-conscious.

In terms of longevity, the floral wool tights on the left have lasted the best, and the Mickey Mouse fashion tights on the far right, as you can see, haven't fared quite so well, being made from much flimsier material.

Below: all from Marks and Spencer
The 2 pairs for £5 hold-ups are pretty crappy quality, and the elastic gusset top's hold isn't firm enough for my liking either. The hold ups in the middle are a dream! here they are on:

The colour is a great compromise between nude and black, and so far they are yet to ladder or tear.

Below: from TK Maxx

Despite the lady on the cover, these are actually nude coloured stockings. The quality of the stocking itself is fine, however the elastic part at the top tore a hole in itself which is frustrating, but not the end of the world, as this part is covered by the hem of the skirt.

Below: from Primark

The floral fishnets look kinda tacky on the packaging, but I absolutely love them on!

Stylish and sexy, you also don't have to worry about laddering due to the way the tights are made. The thick wool tights last long, but give a bit too much coverage on warmer days.

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