Sunday, June 01, 2014

My May Playlist

How is it June already? Somehow, 5 months of the year have already passed by. For me, it's been lost in a flurry of deadlines, work, and countless boozing.

Now, I like to mark my #seasonsoflove with songs to associate certain memories with. So, here are some songs I've been listening to religiously in the past month (mostly whilst dithering about with coursework).

Problem (Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea)

Most RnB songs have a girl singing the lyrics and a male doing the rapping. In "Problem", we have girls on both. I love the playful spirit and sax loop of this song, and Iggy's Jay-Z reference in her verse makes my life.

Too Much (Spice Girls)

Not my favourite all-time Spice Girls song (that changes between "Say You'll Be There" and "Stop" depending on my mood), but, lyrics-wise, this resonated with me perfectly in the month of May. Much in the same vein as "Problem", it's got the whole I wish I knew how to quit you thing going on. Which I definitely feel for certain fellas.

Can't Remember to Forget You (Shakira ft Rihanna)
I'm not sure as to the veracity of this rumour, but I heard jealous hubby Gerard Pique put a ban on his missus having males in her music videos? As such, we have more girl/girl duets from her, rendering this the third song on my list about wanting to give up a bloke, no mata how difficult (sensing a theme here?) On her album, Shakira also covers this song in Spanish, which I like to listen to to practice my linguistic skills. #multitaskingBITCH

Timber (Pitbull ft Ke$ha)
Hurrah, a song not about men!! I'm not actually too sure what this song is about, mind, but it has an annoyingly infectious beat that makes up for its nonsensical lyrics ("face down, booty up", poetry, that). I also happened to duet on this on my birthday karaoke, singing the Ke$ha bit. I did not do the high notes any justice, really.

Fancy (Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX)

TUNE. If there's one song I'm going to remember Summer 2014 by, it's going to be this insanely swaggerous, effortlessly cool from Iggy and our very own Charli XCX. The song is an ode to the high life, so whilst it's how the other 5% do live, and thus not something I'd be particularly knowledgeable about, you have a hell of a good time singing along about it. Hertfordshire-born Charli XCX is my new girl crush, she just has Je ne sais quoin, and the Clueless-inspired music video is great fun. The chorus is catchy as hell, and the machine-gun-rapping by Iggy Azalea is too ace. Champagne spilling, you should taste that.

Right, that's five. For June, in the theme of numbers, I shall list the six songs I was obsessed with this month. Plot spoiler: Fancy will probably still be on there.

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