Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Adidas Icy Burst Eau de Toilette

I got this in a pound shop purely out of curiosity a while back, and have been alternating between wearing this and the CK Eau de Toilette for work. It's a lot less musky than the CK one, smelling not so much icy as sharp, but with a fragrant floral twist. Strength-wise, it doesn't hold up against the CKIn2U, as by the time I get to work, the smell as worn off, meaning I probably won't be repurchasing it. For a quick fix, it's a sweet enough smell, packed in a small enough bottle that you can carry it around with you. A word of the wise though: for it to actually have any lingering effect, you'll need to top yourself up with it, a lot.
Grade: C

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