Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New China (Chinatown) review

Given the sheer volume of Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, it can often be difficult to choose which one to go into. For the uninitiated, they may just pop into one that's closest to Leicester Square, so they can duck out and do their tourist activities sooner if the food really isn't that impressive. New China, which sits on a corner just next to the Leicester Square cinemas, is one such restaurant.
The quality of the food was actually pretty good, save the sweet and sour chicken, which I was disappointed with. Prices were steep - regard the green veg in the photo. There wasn't much there and it cost us about £7, which didn't stretch far between three people. However, the pork was very well cooked, as were the noodles. Service was also commendable, as one of the waitresses obligingly took not one but three photos for me, as the first two didn't turn out great. This is very much appreciated by me, as I love my photos, and more often than not you'll encounter waiters who just hit click and bugger off without looking at their handiwork. For that excellent bout of service, I'm just about to forgive the cheeky prices, and given this restaurant several grades higher than it truly deserves.
Grade: B+

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