Sunday, July 25, 2021

Review of five perfume samplers from FeelUnique - part 7

My dedication to sampling all the perfumes that are out there continues, with a little help from FeelUnique! June and July was a busy period during work, so I didn't have time to produce much blog content, and as such, I've built up somewhat of a backlog. I will endeavour to increase to frequency of my reviews, going forward!

Chloé Rose Tangerine

This Chloé scent features just five ingredients (tangerine, blackcurrant, rose, cedar and white amber), attesting to that age-old adage that it's quality, not quantity.

The tangerine is the main smell, giving Rose Tangerine a distinctly zesty punch. The addition of rose, cedar and white amber make the fragrance more layered, although the end product is more lightly flirty rather than in-your-face vamp, such as a YSL Black Opium.

I enjoyed the smell of it from the initial spray to when the smell died down, and the combination of the citrus and blackcurrant make it perfectly suited for the Summer. The only disadvantage of this scent was its weak longevity; the smell died after about two hours.

The fragrance has an elegant bottle to match the smell:


Irresistible Givenchy for women

With top notes of pear and ambrette (musk mallow), middle notes of rose and iris, and base notes of musk and Virginia cedar, the first smell that hits you from Irresistible is the pear. The drydown morphs into a more powdery, girly smell. The perfume has strong sillage, lasting for about five hours on the skin.

Overall, I thought Irresistible's smell was a bit too much on the overly rosy side. The sweetness overpowered the perfume, and the creators didn't get the balance quite right, in the way a Black Opium from YSL did.


Floral Street – Arizona Bloom

This Floral Street design fuses coconut, musk, fig leaf, salt and amber, among other fragrances. The components complement each other to produce an end product that is delightfully fresh. 

I don't usually like coconut-scented perfumes, but the astute use of it in this formula made it a nice balm. The oakmoss, cashmere wood and fig leaf elements of the formula give the perfume an earthy undertone which ensures the coconut doesn't get too overpowering.

Sadly, the freshness doesn't last too long, and the drydown becomes a bit more masculine smelling. But the initial hit was certainly pleasant.


Sunday Brunch Kierin NYC for women and men

Sunday Brunch smelt like Hollister. As somebody who regularly shops in Hollister and loves the blissed out California beach vibes of that store, that's no bad thing!

The initial hit of Sunday Brunch is strongly citrusy, with undertones of alcohol and woody smells. As the scent dries down, I discerned notes of freshly cut grass. The bergamot fragrance lingers for about three hours after you apply the perfume, but it's been blended with spices such that the end product is very mood-elevating.

Of all the Kierin NYC scents I've sampled, Sunday Brunch is my favourite so far.


Santal Sky Kierin NYC for men and women

As with Nitro Noir, the first Kierin fragrance I sampled back in September last year, I found Santal Sky too pungent and alcoholic. The ingredients of it are sandalwood, saffron, vetiver and cardamom. These are all items I think of more as things to layer the fragrance, rather than forming the body. As such, Santal Sky was hard to place and hard to like.



Anonymous said...

Have a look at Hoohaa. They have 3 edits, each with one drop per month. A great way of discovering new scents in the premium / niche end of the market.

Emma said...

I'd never heard of that, but £15 a month is very reasonable. I'm intrigued, thanks for the tip!!

Anonymous said...

I'm on all 3 edits, which gets a bit more pricey �� but loving it so far.

Emma said...

I'm in two minds about whether or not to commit. I have to admit when it comes to perfumes I'm a bit of a brand-lover. Like I love the Lancome and the YSLs. How do these niche fragrances compare in terms of smell?