Sunday, November 26, 2017

Product review: DEEP ACTION FACIAL WIPES (Clean & Clear)

Make-up remover is an essential product, because if you don’t wash off your makeup before you go to sleep, it facilitates build-up of germs, causing your skin to get greasy and look bad. The cleansing wipes that I have been using recently are Deep Action Facial Wipes. 

I’ve used other make-up removal wipes in the past, such as the Soap and Glory one, and that one stung my skin whenever I applied it to my face, so there was obviously something in the formula there that did not agree with me. 

Graciously, Clean & Clear's new formula suits my skin type much better. I don’t feel any adverse reactions when I rub the cloth against my skin, instead, it feels soothing, and it is very satisfying to see all the concealer and eyeshadow on the damp cloth, showing the product is doing its job. My skin is also left feeling cleansed and soft afterwards - currently, my skin feels the best it has done for months (when I was using the Soap & Glory product)!

At its current price of £2.81 in Boots, these wipes work out to be about 11p per cloth. If I wore makeup everyday, this would rack up, at 80p a week. Fortunately, I only doll myself up when I’m meeting friends, which occurs, at most, three times a week, so that makes the product last a little longer. 

Overall, this is a practical, functional product. At over 10p per cloth, I’m not going to be tied down to the product; I will explore some other removal wipes which average less cost (and probably suffer stinging skin for my pains), and report back on them. But for now, these certainly do the job. 

Grade: B+


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