Saturday, June 10, 2017

NowTV's completely inaccurate listing of BBFC ratings.

I won a month's NowTV subscription from McDonald's Monopoly, which is super-handy as they have a bunch of shows and boxsets on there.

Prior to consuming the shows, however, I couldn't help but notice how off they were with the BBFC ratings of some of the shows:

Modern Family is a family show, who's episodes go up to 12, tops! Where on earth did they get the 18 from?

How I Met Your Mother and Delicious have episodes that are 15, but that's it.

Based on these three inaccuracies, I wondered if NowTV's default was just to autopilot everything as 18. But they get the show's rating wrong by rating it a lot lower than it should be, too:

And finally, it wasn't easy, but I found a show for which NowTV accurately listed the BBFC rating:

Nerding out over the BBFC is my thing, chaps. Check out all the other posts I've done on them here.

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