Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Facebook's somewhat lax policy to racist comments.

Yesterday, I commented on a thread on the Match of the Day account about some footballer being mentored by Jamie Vardy. I wrote something like 'hopefully this player doesn't inherit Vardy's penchant for racially abusing Japanese gentlemen in casinos.'

One Leicester fan, rather lacking in self-awareness, replied with this  (comment at the bottom).

To counter someone complaining about a player from their team for being racist about east Asians, with another, barely veiled racist comment at east Asians, sort of went to illustrate my point.

Unperturbed and unimpressed, I grassed him up to Facebook, only to receive a classic non-response:

So he not-very-subtly called me a 'chink', yet Facebook decided not to take the comment down, instead giving me advice on how to shield my eyes from racist attacks.

No wonder females, and especially females of colour, rarely get involved in football discourse. Cesspit.

I hope you're proud, Gary Lineker, for enabling Vardy, and other Leicester fans' racism, by normalising his usage of 'Jap'. This is the outcome of your careless words.

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