Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bar review: LOWLANDER GRAND CAFE (Covent Garden)

One for the Belgian beer connoisseurs out there, Lowlander, a trendy pub with a wide range of beers from around the world, specialising in Belgian ones. 15 beers are available on tap and a wide variety come in bottles, meaning even beer-phobics will certainly find something they'll enjoy tasting. I cannot recommend the banana beer, pictured above, enough!

It's a bit more packed and congested than your typical pub, so after you've had a few you have to be careful not to tread on anyone's toes when navigating the pub. It's also a bit more expensive than usual. But in my opinion, the little extra is worth the money, for the experience of drinking in unusual glasses, like the one pictured below!

Grade: B+

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