Tuesday, February 04, 2014

2 Guns.

Yesterday, Chelsea took away Manchester City's illustrious home record at the Etihad with a classy and thoroughly well-deserved win. Gary Cahill was one of the most head-turning players on the pitch, second only to Eden Hazard, who pwned Zabaleta and made Demichelis look like a buffoon (yet The Guardian only deigned Hazard 100th in the world, there's your dumbassery), and I thought I'd celebrate the top, top win with a cheeky pic spam of his top, top arms.

   photo tumblr_n0hcytsSCq1srdr7oo1_500_zpsc73bf52c.png

 photo tumblr_mxcbkqWKlh1r5kkj0o3_250_zps933aee8e.gif
You get a cheeky bit of Eden bod in this one too *___*

   photo tumblr_n0gtri9pa61t24t2ko1_250_zps55bd2009.gif

Exactly how I felt last night, Gaz.

   photo tumblr_mf5v2npHsJ1r9vg1go1_500_zpse5e887c3.gif

As thick as tree trunks *__*

   photo SAM_0921_zps951031d8.jpg
I took this one myself at a Champions League home game when he was warming up just a few yards in front of me. The temptation to run onto the pitch was overwhelming, believe me.

   photo unfbody_zpse7ef90c0.jpg
It's not just his arms that are lush. DAT PHYSIQUE. (Although this game was when we lost away to Juve, and Di Matteo was sacked, so perhaps I shouldn't be celebrating it so much). ;___;

   photo tumblr_mvuj02Mzx91r3p0vko4_500_zps69255e80.gif
Lucky Ivanovic, s'all I'm saying'.

   photo gazatron.png
Those arms wrapped around Mata (who I'm still gutted we sold, btw. But that's a rant for another day...)

And again, lucky Ivanovic. *___*

   photo gaz.png
Gary Cahill and John Terry. Also known as #GERRY

PS. He's better than Vincent Kompany, just announcin'.

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