Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Meal Deal watch: the Co-op.

Drink, sandwich and snack: £3.

I've tried an expansive range of Meal Deals, and in terms of value for money, the Co-op one blows its competition out of the water. You get a wide selection of sandwiches and pastas and salads to choose from, though in terms of stifling your hunger, you simply must have the BLT, which is both generous with its quantities of bacon and sauces. Unlike other Meal Deals, energy drinks are included in the drink options, which is a perfect pick-me-up for my afternoon lectures. And the snack selection is great too; I vary between getting the healthy option (pineapples or other fruit), and the caramel shortbread, which tastes like heaven.

The best part is, often, the price of the individual components will touch six quid! A total bargain, and more than suffices for a healthy lunch (well, healthier than my other option, which is to go to Maccy D's ;) ). Love this Meal Deal.

Grade: A

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