Friday, December 27, 2013

PUB REVIEW: Waxy O’Connor ’s (Picadilly Circus)

As you might expect given the prime touristy location of Waxy O’Connor’s, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg to get a drink here, alcoholic or not (one coke is £3.90, and a round consisting of an amaretto and coke and one Jack and coke came to an excess of a tenner). The place is cosy enough, especially the upstairs where I like to bring in my own Smirnoff vodka to decant into my drink. Cheeky as it may be, it’s also somewhat of a necessity given the extortionate prices they’re peddling their drinks for. However, you can only get away with this during 12-2-ish, because in the late afternoon, they instate a bouncer on the door to check your bags for booze. It’s almost as if they know their prices are ridiculous and that money-savvy people may be looking for ways around it.

The toilets are awful, most of the ladies’ toilet sinks weren’t washed and had poo round the sides, so it’s good to know that the high mark-up that they’re charging on their drinks is being spent on the customers, eh. The clientele are mostly pompous City types who work in advertising. So not clever, but think that everything they say is gold. Really quite awful.

Grade: E

(but, if you can sneak your own booze in, C. I recommend the upstairs because you’re less likely to escape detection; so understaffed is the pub, the baristas rarely come to clear the used glasses.)

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