Monday, September 16, 2013

Yogland (Bayswater)

Situated on an extremely happening road leading from Queensway tube station to Bayswater tube station is Yogland, a well-packaged place, with appropriately clean furniture (to the point of appearing sterile) and some delicious flavours of yoghurt. However, this frozen yoghurt joint that was hard to love, despite having a fair amount going for it.
 photo SAM_0576_zpsa80a95f6.jpg

There are six self-service frozen yoghurt dispensers, and the idea is that you fill them up with however much you like, chose all the toppings you want, and at the end, you are priced by weight. Fair enough, if not for the fact that a lot of the toppings were truly poorly presented (the mango slices were bathed in dirty-looking water, berries looked unwashed, etc). Furthermore, the maintenance of the frozen yoghurt themselves was inconsistent. Strawberry cheesecake came out from the nozzle with no problem, suggesting it’s a popular flavour that they take good care of, but when I pulled the lever for apple sorbet, the first thing that came out were green droplets of water! Yuck! A total appetite-killer, and you could not miss the irony that they'd spent all that time making the chairs and tables looking good, and not the food itself.

There were a few extra flavours that you had to ask for instead of getting yourself, and being a bubble-gum nut, I went for that. But when the woman scooped it up, I couldn’t help noticing she collected up all the scraggly, fallen-off pieces of ice cream, as opposed to the delicious, full, untouched food that you're supposed to serve. Suffice to say, a place with a lot of potential, but let itself down with bad maintenance and people on the till who didn’t think of the welfare of their customers.
Grade: C-

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