Sunday, September 01, 2013

The search for London's best breakfast: Makcari's.

I had this yesterday when nursing a brutal hangover:

It was £5.50 for ten items, as well as a drink (I had lemonade), and the carbs of the meal cured my hangover up a treat. That being said, the sausages weren't as good as I've tasted before, and the bacon wasn't as nice as the Frankie and Benny's one. But the egg was fantastic, the tomatos were my obligatory being healthy fix and there wasn't too much baked beans as per the Poppins breakfast. Bonus points for the fact that we could mix and match what we wanted to our own tastes; mine ended up looking quite different from my brother's, and I admire a cafe that accepts that not everybody likes the same thing.
For those interested, this is what my brother had:  photo SAM_0543_zps4311272e.jpg
Grade: A-.

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