Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Accessorize sandals.

Even though Summer is pretty much over, I still like to wear sandals to work. Pairing sandals with chinos + a shirt gives the outfit a feminine twist, I feel, plus it allows me to be creative with my toenail colours, more so, say, than I would be with my finger colours.

I got quite lucky, because there were only one pair left in the sales, and they were just my size (4.) The RRP was £32, which I'd consider ridiculous, but with the 70% sale, they came to £9.60, so I snapped them up!
I like these sandals a lot, especially the suede straps, which are both comfortable and fashionable to wear. Furthermore, they're a little different from previous sandals I've had, where the big toe and the other four toes are separated at the front. This doesn't have that, which rids the potential uncomfortability that the aforementioned setup can incur.
Overall, these are comfy and fashionable, I like them a lot!

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