Thursday, September 05, 2013

Chipotle (Covent Garden)

In Bath, I visited Mission Burrito once, and thought I might as well try my hand at the task of finishing a whole burrito (it's about 2.5 the size of the one pictured above) in one sitting. As I didn't know I was going to MB that day, I'd had McDonald's for lunch, so, suffice to say, I was not successful. But the little trip did set off my love of burritos, and after having cheekily had bits of Theo's burrito from the same chain when we were in Wimbledon on Sunday, on Wednesday, when I spotted Chipotle again in Covent Garden, I didn't hesitate to grab one all for myself.

The burritos here are the best I've had. I don't know what it is, but the quality and consistency of the carnitas is far superior that of in Bath (because lbr London > Bath, just truthin'), and the sauces, spices and vegetables that they layer on top of the pork are also created with more care and spark. Plus, a burrito in the Bath store costs about seven quid. The carnitas pork one I had on Wednesday was just £6.95, so it was cheaper than a single in Bath, score! I also helped myself to the pretentious-looking drink because I liked the sexy shape of the bottle. I wolfed down my burrito with no consideration for table manners because it was just so goddamn delicious, meaning for under a tenner, I was fully fed, and left the place with a big grin

Grade: A


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