Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose.

The weather in Britain is nothing if not erratic; we have days of nothing but rain followed by a whole week of blissful sunshine. As such, it's important to vary my footwear with the levels of sunshine, and here are two pairs that have helped me brave the storm that is the tempestuous British summertime.

Hunter boots, £85.

I won these at a competition at Lovebox, and as such, I don't even mind when it rains because it means I get to flaunt my gorgeous designer wellies! They are very comfortable and well-fitting (I find that with other pairs of wellies you have to buy one or two sizes larger than the actual size of your feet, but these ones I got in my natural size, 4, and they fitted a treat), and I adore the hot pink/reddish shade of them. The colour makes them deliberately out there and they offer great protection to the trousers I wear to work (when I get to work, I put the boots in my drawer and slip into a pair of flats. So clothes and shoes have been saved thanks to the HB). Practical, stylish and jazzy, I adore my Hunter boots. =)

Suede heels, £10 in the sale (original price: £29.50), Marks & Spencer.

I get a lot of my clothes from Marks & Spencer, which many consider unusual as their style isn't usually befitting of my age range. But what they may lack in teenage edginess, they more than make up for in comfort, and this is epitomized in these pretty brown heels, which I coupled with sundresses all of last week during the rare spell of sunshine. The heel will never rival a Manolo Blahnik for sexiness, and it is quite chunky, but that means that clumsy old me can actually walk for them, and the usage of fabric across the middle of the shoe is a particularly sweet touch.

Since entering the working world, I've actually been paying closer attention to footwear, so expect more updates about what shoes I've added to my collection!


Anonymous said...

i'd like to see a picture of you in those boots

Tanya said...

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Anonymous said...

It's also worth noting that, whilst this photo wasn't taken too long ago time-wise, it feels like a universe away in the sense that it was taken at our old house. Since then, we've moved to a new, larger (to say the least) abode, and with it, already had several legendary buy essay online moments of sibling lolz. But this was one of the most endearing of our old place. :)