Sunday, September 19, 2010

But for a while I dropped that d-d-dirty style when I discovered that's it's sexy.

My favourite sexy GA song lyrics:
01. "you dream of touching me there” - Graffiti My Soul
02. "Quarter past two
I was dressed in red
Tied up to your bed
Begged you on my knees" - Watch Me Go
03. "Oh boy, I can't tell you how sad I feel / If tonight, is just another kink in your steel" - Something Kinda Ooh
04. All the names that you called out in bed seem to fade” - Call the Shots
05. "Oh baby baby hit the light / You gotta hit the spot" - Fix Me Up

Yup, I have indeed been somewhat obsessed with GA recently (not much else has been going on in my life apart from work and and work, though I did make time to watch the Arsenal game, to which I lol'd. Hard). ANYWAY. Yours please!


Anonymous said...

Kimberley doesn't look much like herself in that first picture there. said...

I believe everybody ought to look at this.