Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soundtracks are a Godsend for learning languages.

I quit French over four years ago and what I do get of the language is from solely French cinema, but reading the tracklisting to the soundtracks can help too. In this case, I was looking at the tune names of Alexandre Desplat's score to Coco avant Chanel:

1. L’abandon / The Abandonment
2. Chez Chanel / At Chanel's Place
3. Coco & Boy
4. Royallieu
5. Couture / Sewing
6. Avenue du Bois / Wood(ed?) Avenue
7. Premier baiser / First (To) Kiss
8. Gabrielle Bonheur / Gabrielle Happiness
9. L’Hippodrome / The Hippodrome
10. Arthur Capel (
11. Confession de Balsan / Confession of Balsan
12. Coco reve de Paris / Coco Dream of Paris
13. L’Atelier (01:48)/ The Workshop
14. Un seul Amour / One Love
15. Le Chagrin de Coco / Coco's Sorrow
16. Casino de Deauville / Deauville's Casino
17. Little Black Baby (Scott Joplin) (01:37)
18. Qui qu’a vu Coco (Baumaine-Blondelet / Deransart) / Who's Seen Coco (



Kayleigh said...

I understood all that!
*grumble* I wish I'd taken French instead of Gaelic, I can do that! I picked up a copy of Harry Potter written in French and managed to read a few pages. I was so happy with my brain, yet angry that it hadn't been that good at French when it actually mattered.

anahit said...

avenue du bois means more the adventure of the wood, or we'd probably say the adventure in the wood. And coco reve de paris - the reve is a verb, so it's more coco dreams of (or about) paris. (sorry about this...)

but jeez your french is pretty good!! did you ever study it at all? xx

Emma said...

Heehee, it's not my French, I asked someone on The Student Room to translate it for me, and then learn it from there.

Unknown said...

I love finding new ways to learn anything about a different language...