Thursday, April 02, 2009

Girl with a Pearl Earring score (Alexandre Desplat)

I can't get enough of Alexandre Desplat, me. If you'd like a track or two, just say and your wish is my command!

01. The Master's House (wonderfully atmospheric)
02. Colours in the Clouds - Strings (a delicious piece of chamber music)
03. Griet's Theme (the dancing of the tune between string and woodwind is absolute musical heaven)
04. Griet's Theme - Reprise
05. Cornelia (the bitch of the film gets an appropriately strong piece)
06. Girl with a Pearl Earring (not the most creative theme Desplat's thought up, but still a haunting one)
07. Colours in the Clouds (sexy)
08. Vermeer's Studio
09. Silence and Light (captures the tone of the film in a stunningly elegiac piano solo)
10. Camera Obscura (beautiful, but too tense for its own good)
11. Van Ruijvan (appropriately sneaky piece)
12. By the Canal with Pieter (romantic music)
13. Griet Remembers
14. Girl with a Pearl Earring - Reprise (samey)
15. The Master is painting (I got bored of the tremolo after a while)
16. Catharina's Pearls (one of the more cinematic tracks of the OST)
17. A New Life
18. Home (the oboe sounds a bit boring, clarinet's good though)
19. The Birth Feast
20. Winter Nights (meh, just a replay of the main theme)


anahit said...

oooh, yay, could I have a few? which ever you think is best :D xxx

Emma said...

Anything for you!

1 / 2 / 3

anahit said...

schmaaank you :D xxx

Anonymous said...

What's in Emma's stars this April?

There's plain old everyday lightning, which travels about five miles, and then there are superbolts -- strokes of lightning that are a hundred times stronger than a normal flash and that can travel over 100 miles. In the coming weeks, Aries, your power levels could be more like these superbolts than your usual output. I suggest you take advantage. Just assume that you'll be able to shed more light and attract more attention than usual.