Sunday, April 05, 2009


1. What's your favourite nail polish colour?
2. Who is your favourite Simpson?
3. How is your Saturday spent, typically?
4. How many hours of lectures/classes do you have a week?
5. Who do you think you're more likely to turn out like - your mum or your dad?

In other news, Emily Blunt did a guest voice on s20e9 of The Simpsons, and I truly can't get enough of her English accent. My #3 girlcrush? Oh yes.


Catherine said...

1. Clear or light blue.
2. Sideshow Bob or Lisa.
3. Sleeping in far too late, mooching around town either by self or with friends, most likely a cinema trip, then in the evenings I'll either go out dancing or stay in and read or watch a dvd.
4. Eh, 11 I think. Wait, let me, its 12.
5. A mixture of both. Personality wise, I'm more like my dad. The way I spend my time, I'm more like my mam.

the misomaniac said...

1. don't know
2. sideshow bob isnt a simpson, but whatever. him.
3. absolutely fucking nothing. or cramming for exams. ugh.
4. 15 excluding labs. 24 including labs.
5. neither, hopefully. im not sure i wish to be either a psychotic control freak or a philanderer with lots of anger problems.

Dame James said...

1. Jungle red! (Any The Women- the original, not the shit remake- fans in the house?)

2. Marge, I guess. I never really watch the show.

3. Homework and TV in the morning, hanging out with friends at night.

4. 15

5. My mom, sadly. I'm already starting to show signs.

Emma said...

@ The Misomaniac - snap on the number of hours of lectures!

And ugh, spam.

Catherine said...

Dame James, oh how I wish I'd come up with that answer first! The look on Shearer's face when she says that line. Priceless.

Just a girl said...

1. Any shade of pink (loving ruby desire right now.)
2. Lisa ;-)
3. Sleeping in. Shopping. Avoiding work. Watching a movie. Hanging out with friends.
4. Around 12.
5. Good question. Probably my mother, but I'm quite a bit like both...


the misomaniac said...

i know, right? reading these other responses makes me even gladder that the term is ending...

anahit said...

1. anything weird :D black, bright red, orange...

2. lisa I suppose, 'cos she's a know-it-all.

3. considering working. deciding not to. catching up with friday night with jonathan ross. house. friends. movies. playing with my lil' bro.

4. 10, plus an hour of maths with my mum.

5. mum. alll the way