Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, dears.

Scariest attempts to act -
Kyle McLachlan, "Blue Velvet"
Scarlett Johansson, "Lost in Translation"
Keira Knightley, POTC
Emma Watson, all Harry Potter movies, especially "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"


Catherine said...

Happy Halloween! I'm working on a Halloweenish post right now. Your hatred of Blue Velvet saddens me. :p Agree with the rest of the choices though. Expressive eyebrows does not an actress make.

Luke said...

Kudos on the ScarHo and Knightley mentions. Do you have any plans for tonight, dear?

Martín said...

You lost me at Emma Watson. Yes, she was unbearable in GoF, but that was hardly the case in the other films (she was the best of the trio in PS).

I thought Scarlett was good in Lost in Translation. The girl's no Jessica Alba.

Happy "Hallowe'en" (written in J.K. Rowling's way).

Daphne C. said...

Really, I couldn't agree with that more. Finally, someone sane!

Jay said...

whoa that candy corn really scared me there!

Anonymous said...

ScarJo won a lot of awards for her role in LiT... damn she was great. Great movie.

Emma said...

@ Caz: I will give it a second chance, one of these days. I'm going through quite a transitory state of mind... I may as well. But still, McLachlan on his own still sux!

@ Daphne: yay, we rule!

the misomaniac said...

i totally agree with what was said up there. emma watson is UNBEARABLE. period. is there a reason that she feels that she must take a large breath before every single line she says? what is the logic behind the dancing eyebrows? is it an attempt to distract us from her complete lack of talent?!?!?!

Emma said...

She sux, I agree! Her eyebrows. Her overdone accent. Her crimpled, not ugly, but rather beautiful hair. Everything about her. She gets to attend movie premieres and I don't.


Anonymous said...


Emma Watson should stop clogging the tube. FOREVER.

t.k said...

Poem for ya Emma -


You have magic in your finger tips,
Magic in your eye.
Magic in the arms that hold
And tell me not to cry.
There is magic in your voice
When you talk to me each day.
There is magic in your smile
And in the things you say.
there is magic in the way
You let me be myself with you.
There is magic that you teach me
To be good and brave and true.
I am growing older
And soon I'll go away,
But the magic that you taught me
Will go with me every day.

Grace V. Tidrow