Tuesday, May 12, 2009




Ashley said...

I'm really looking forward to that book...! Lols.
Still reading New Moon =.=;
Hope your exams go well :D x

Emma said...

Hey "cuz"! :D

Exams are going pretty craply tbh, even though I've only had one so far. Next week's gonna be the killer, three in a week!

You going to the Summer ball btw?

Good luck with your exams too! x

anahita said...

my hatred of twilight approves :)

Ashley said...

I got 3 this week..! 6 in total :( Had one yesterday, which I think I did good on, so so far so good. Except I've done like nothing today in terms of revision for tomorrow, except start a blog. Har.

No summer ball for me. Seen Wombats before. Pretty Expensive. None of my close friends are really going..
You? x

Emma said...

Exams are ick. I feel so bad for you Economists, three in a week! But I know what you mean, I tend to up my blogging whenever there's an exam around the corner, heehee.

Yep yep, I'm going, even though £36 is extortionate. Should be a fairly amusing night. Are you staying an extra week after exams at Bath just for chillin' then? Also, you going China this year? I'm going for three weeks starting 13th June or summat. x

Ashley said...

2 down, 1 to go..! For this week..
I plan to stay at Bath for a bit, depends on things :)
I really want to go to China, right now the plan is go to travelling, but probs from mid July :(! If my friend doesn't come with me, I'll be going earlier, so might bump into you :P If I remember correctly you're from Xi'an too? Where abouts are you going in La Chine? x

JD said...

what is that a real book?? :o