Sunday, May 17, 2009


01. Who is your favourite American president of all time?
02. Did you watch the Eurovision song contest this year? If not, why? If yes, who was your fave?
03. What is the most ridiculous statement you've put in exam?


04. Unfunniest "funny" film?
05. (self-centred question) What's the first adjective that comes to mind when you think of me? (be honest, I won't take offence.) :P



anahit said...

01. obama. how typical...

02. no. I dunno why, I just couldn't be bothered lol.

03. ummmmmmm...I don't know. I think I generally tried to keep in line during exams in case the examiner got offended and didn't mark it LOL.

04. Oh gosh. Don't mess with the zohan, or whatever it was. and the house bunny. they were both so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so bad.

05. insane. but in a good way :D

J.D. said...

01. Washington, Monroe or Kennedy. Or... something.
02. I'm American, thanks.
03. ...
04. Napoleon Dynamite.
05. Bung. Honestly. (It IS an adjective, right? or can be one?)

Emma said...

Bung can indeed be an adjective. And for the most part, it's a good one, so yay!

anahit said...

add napolean dynamtie to my list too.

Catherine said...

01. The first one that springs to mind is Adams, but Washington, FDR and Obama are right there with him.
02. Nope. No interest, plus I was out watching the Record Cup last night.
03. Haven't a clue, honestly. Like Anahita said I try to toe the line, usually.
04. Napoleon bloody Dynamite.
05. Passionate.

Catherine said...

I don't mean 'passionate' in a creepy way, btw. Just, you have very strong hates and loves. Which is a good thing!

Nigel said...

1. I don't really know American history, so I'd go for Dubya for pure lulz value.
2. No because I was at a crap wedding anniversary party and I knew like 3 people. But I did watch the voting. Not a fan of Norway. Not a fan of any I saw really, but I think Andrew Lloyd Webber could have done better (considering the amount he was probably getting paid).
3. I really can't remember what I write in my exams. I tend to forget as soon as I leave the room.
4. I don't really watch comedy films except things like Shrek. They generally look pretty cringeworthy from the adverts.
5. Unique. In the best possible way.

the misomaniac said...

1. i dunno. the vast number of stereotypes i have made about americans and their politicians makes me too unqualified to answer.
2. im not european. and the only thing on tv these days is hockey. ugh.
3. i completely blanked out last year on the MCAT and ended up writing both my essays about hitler, even though the topics were completely unrelated? does that count? i have no moral compass, sadly
4. step brothers. i (and even the morons with whom i watched it) wanted to die. for hours after watching that piece of shit movie.
5. punctual. sunday surveys tend to land on sundays.

paul haine said...

01. Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact
02. No. I have better things to do
03. My entire Design & Technology GCSE exam. The entire exam was a pisstake as the child-molesting, drunken teacher (Mr. Dare) had taught us literally nothing over the year so we all ended up failing after filling our exam paper with sarcastic jokes
04. Most Kevin Anderson films
05. Is 'boobs' an adjective?

Emma said...

Child-molesting, drunken teacher? Sounds like the plot for a bad film. :P