Thursday, May 07, 2009

Maybe we could start again.


Awww. ILU Philip Taylor!

And... tomorrow, I shall try to actually, y'know *write* something. It's just, revision, ya know...


Nigel said...

You're a Womanizer
Oh Womanizer
Oh You're a Womanizer Baby
You, You You Are
You, You You Are
Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer

Lol. Apparently he tried it on with Paula before getting with Kate.

Emma said...

He can try it on with me any day of the week. ;)

Nigel said...

Haha. I still see John Terry every time I look at him...

Now he allegedly wants to marry Kate. At least they make a hot couple, as opposed to, say, Lorraine and Noorul. Euugh... There's some things I can never un-think.

Emma said...

Nigel, I'm sad. :(

Just had my first exam and it went shitly. :(


Nigel said...

Aww... I think I'm going to be feeling like that next week after mine. I'm trying to revise, but none of it's going in. What the hell is a uniform electric field? I should know this, I really should. All I know is a field is where sheep and cows live.

I MUST revise. But It's my last day of school, a trip to the pub is obligatory, isn't it?

Emma said...

OMG, Electric Fields are goon. Fields and capacitors are actually the reason I didn't get an A in Physics, and hence missed my first choice Uni, Imperial. Though that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. :)

What A-levels you doing then? And what Uni you going to? And to study what? /Apologies for the influx of questions!

Go ahead, get pissed, as you've said, it is your last day after all! x

Nigel said...

I'm doing Maths, Physics and Chemistry. And regretting it now. I too could be an Imperial "not-quite-er". Though like you say, if I don't get the grades, it might just be a blessing in disguise. I want to do Chemical Engineering, ICL my firm, Leeds my insurance.

I feel like I can't reject ICL with it's academic reputation and job prospects, but at the same time, when I went on visits, Leeds felt more fun. And the SU nightclub was massive. They said it's the biggest alcohol-serving institution in the country.

If I got in to ICL, I'd love being so close to Chelsea (I live in Devon) but at the same time, I highly doubt I'd ever have enough money to go and watch them. That'd be torture.

Emma said...

Oh, its proximity to Stamford Bridge was also the key reason I picked ICL, along with its excellent reputation! But yeah, just see how it all goes really. You can get the grades! And even if you didn't, Leeds is gonna rock! (Bath has a nightclub on campus but it's rather bad, but when yer drunk, it doesn't matter a jot.)

So all in all, good luck! :)

Nigel said...

Lol I'm sure the nightclub on campus at any uni can't be worse than the ones here.

I got an offer from Bath but it's so close to where I live, I want to see different parts of the country. I like London, I love how something's always going on. The city of Leeds I didn't like as much, but the uni itself is so big I don't think I'd have to leave the campus very much.

I'm excited, and I'm sure whichever uni I end up at I'll have a great time. But I just need to knuckle down and do my best in these exams. After tonight. :D

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