Sunday, June 25, 2017

Product review: ORIGINAL WAYFARER SHADES (Rayban)

Now that the sun is shining in Britain, it's important to shield one's eyes from the scorching sun, whilst also looking the part. I have several pairs of sunglasses, but, due to my fixation with Nabokov's Lolita, they predominantly tend to be heart-shaped. I've seen characters in films ooze swag in Ray-ban sunglasses before, most memorably Emma Stone in Easy A when she struts down the hall wearing wayfarers and a basque and everyone gawps at her

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Restaurant review: CHAPTER ONE (Orpington)

Chapter One is basically the only restaurant in Orpington to carry any kind of distinction. It has just one Michelin star, but for Bromley, that's enough to make it stand out. I’d never been there before, but for my 27th birthday, my friend Joy kindly treated me to a three course meal on the lunchtime menu there.

Facebook's somewhat lax policy to racist comments.

Yesterday, I commented on a thread on the Match of the Day account about some footballer being mentored by Jamie Vardy. I wrote something like 'hopefully this player doesn't inherit Vardy's penchant for racially abusing Japanese gentlemen in casinos.'

One Leicester fan, rather lacking in self-awareness, replied with this  (comment at the bottom).

To counter someone complaining about a player from their team for being racist about east Asians, with another, barely veiled racist comment at east Asians, sort of went to illustrate my point.

Unperturbed and unimpressed, I grassed him up to Facebook, only to receive a classic non-response:

So he not-very-subtly called me a 'chink', yet Facebook decided not to take the comment down, instead giving me advice on how to shield my eyes from racist attacks.

No wonder females, and especially females of colour, rarely get involved in football discourse. Cesspit.

I hope you're proud, Gary Lineker, for enabling Vardy, and other Leicester fans' racism, by normalising his usage of 'Jap'. This is the outcome of your careless words.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When the BBFC is wayyyyy more wordy than the IFCO.

Ireland's insight for why Spider-Man: Homecoming is a 12A is pretty straightforward:

Very similar to their insight for Wonder Woman, a 12A for 'moderate action violence' in Ireland and 'moderate violence' in the UK. Notice how in that case, the Irish used one more adjective than the BBFC did. Another movie which got a 12A in the UK for 'moderate violence', not-so-Magnificent Seven, has a wordy AF IFCO insight, 'intense sequences of Western action and killings'.

So this demonstrates that generally, the Irish like to use more words than the BBFC, right? Right?

Well, here's Spider-Man: Homecoming's BBFC short insight, which is detailed, bordering on verbose:

A few interesting things:
1) Obscured strong language? I remember in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, when Johanna tells the the Capitol 'f_ck you' and it's bleeped out, so maybe something like that? (Tho the BBFC just called that strong language, rather than 'bleeped strong language'.)
2) The IFCO have mild ticked in the sex/nudity box, yet the BBFC consider the sex references in Spider-Man: Homecoming moderate. This is very interesting, as the BBFC are generally more lax on sex references than the IFCO (Eddie the Eagle is a PG over here and a 12A in Ireland). The only time (to the best of my knowledge) that the Ireland have rated something lower than the British for sex references is the boob-groping in Your Name. So maybe the sex references is something like that?
3) The BBFC consider the threat moderate, yet the Irish didn't flag it. So either the BBFC are being too cautious, or the IFCO are too hardened.

I will be able to judge which insight was more appropriate when I see the film!

Product reviews: three shower gels (Radox, Boots own brand)

The Radox Brazilian fusion was 50p from Superdrug, the Zingy Lime Fizz was 75p from Boots, and the Radox lavender and waterlily shower gel was £1 from Boots.

Radox Brazillian fusion was by far my favourite of the three. It had an incredibly fresh smell and I loved the way it left my skin feeling afterwards, smooth and hydrated. There was a spicy edge to its aroma, which I presume is the Brazilian contingent. A.

The 'zinginess' of the Boots Zingy lime fizz was a little too pungent; the smell completed overpowered my nosebuds when I applied some. Unfortunate, as I adore the colour (my bedroom walls are that exact same shade of lime green). C

Conversely, the scent of the Radox lavender and waterlilly was far too faint. No sooner had I applied it to my skin and washed it off, the smell of the product had gone. I know shower gels aren't supposed to linger that much (that's what perfumes are for, after all), but this shower gel was too diluted by half. The picture above, of the watery consistency, can attest to that. C+


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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bungsy's Girlcrush List, 2k17.

I haven't done one of these lists for over three years, and I think it's fair to say my taste in women has generally evolved, whilst some of the lady crush staples still remain. 

Some choices from previous years which now make me cringe when I look back include Cara Delevingne (in my defence, this was before she assailed my eyes as an actress and played to her strengths as a model), Kaya Scodelario (still fit tbf, but just kinda annoying) and Emma Stone (still cute, still talented, but I will now forever sideye her for the yellowface in Aloha debacle). 

I imagine when I look back at this list in a few years, I will be equally cringed out.

So, without further ado, Emmabung's Girlcrush List, 2017!

10. Ariana Grande
'Problem' is my go-to song to listen to post-break-up, meaning that that ace song has guided me through all manner of turbulent times. I have so much time for Ari's 4-octave vocal range, and I also dig how despite being baby-faced and having Bambi eyes, she has a hyper-sexualised image. The seductive way she peers up from the heart-shaped sunglasses in the 'Bang Bang' music video: swoon.