Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Restaurant review: Las Iguanas (Bath)

Channelling the vibe of Latin-American food, Las Iguanas is a very popular eatery in Bath where you can often find all age ranges - students, adults, pensioners - frequenting, whether it be to celebrate a birthday or just a pre-night out meal. The prices are fairly reasonable -- although they could stand to do more student offers, and, taking advantage of their 2-for-1 cocktails, we hit Las Iguanas after our last exam.

The food was, overall, well-cooked; Theo's lamb and potato ensemble was fantastic but I felt the bread on my sandwich could have been better baked. Our choice of cocktail pitcher was this wonderful mango concoction:

And it was wonderful. It tasted so suspiciously unalcoholic that one had to wonder if there was any vodka actually in there, though I did feel somewhat tipsy after drinking it, so, there probably was. The mango blended with the rest of the ingredients fantastically.

The service was also great, and unlike other snooty restaurants in Bath which think they're too good for you, we never felt under pressure to leave early or anything. Overall, I recommend this place, but would do so more empathically if the prices were a bit lower.

Grade: B+


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