Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nail varnish review: No 7.

No 7 used to do those £5 off vouchers with a bottle of £6.25 nail varnish, rendering the real price of the varnish little over a quid, but alas, recession hit. Now the discount is £3 off, the nail polish costs £3, meaning we pay half the price and get half off. It's still a reasonable price to pay for decent-quality nail polish that comes in a range of pretty colours, but, meh, I preferred it when it cost me just £1.25.

This colour I picked up is a cross between lilac and grey, and goes with the majority of my wardrobe, which is either various shades of pink, or navy blue. The wear is decent -- it lasted for about two days before chipping slowly, and even after that appeared respectable-looking on my nails for an ensuing three or four days. I'm a fan of the packaging - simple, elegant tube-shaped bottle with the brand printed on the side, nothing fancy, and the quantity is fairly generous, meaning, for £3, whilst it's not the massive bargain it once was, you could still do a lot worse than No 7 nail varnish.

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