Friday, March 01, 2013

Assessing post-Christmas sale buys.

The Barratt's shoe website had 20% off all their sale items, which seemed too good to resist! So I bought these things:

... and thought I'd report back on how my sale shopping went, as I usually prefer trying clothes/shoes on in the shop rather than buying them off the screen, where there is always the risk that my purchase doesn't fit.

Patent Clutch Bag

As you can see from my (not very high quality) photos, the bag looks identical to that put up on the website. It closes with just one magnetic buckle, but such is the design of the bag that everything fits in neatly. My biggest area of improvement is if it were just a smidgen larger - my camera fits into the clutch, but I'd prefer if I could put my camera in when it is in the holder as well, which presently the streamlined shape can't hold. Apart from that, it's got a wonderfully glossy exterior that brightens up any outfit, and the silver chain attached means you can either hold the clutch, or wear it on your shoulder. For £6.40, I really don't think I could have found many prettier, and it's very adaptable - I've taken this clutch with me to one pub trip and one restaurant date as well. Recommended!

Grade: A-

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