Sunday, June 15, 2008

A book a day keeps the anxiety away.


Anonymous said...

I can think of two:
Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
You are the Ref (comic strip)

Kayleigh said...

Ah recommending books! I'm good at this. It really depends on what you're into and how strong your mind/stomach/perverted tendancies are. If you are up to it I'd recommend The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. It's sick and down right wrong in places but has one of the best twists in literature.
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is also worth a read. You can't go wrong with the classics, you can get them all for £2 in Borders or Waterstones. And if you're looking for a good example of sex in books, if you can get away with it buy Venus In Furs.

anahit said...

ummm...well, one of my favourite books is piratica, but, as you can probably tell, it's dunno if you'd like that. Otherwise, like water for chocolate is really good, umm, the modern novel that we had to study for as level was spies, by michael frayn, and it wasn't all bad. I'm reading schindler's ark atm, and that's really good too, probs be really emotional as well. and of course, read yourself some pg wodehouse, particularly jeeves and wooster. hilarious stuff...fantastic. jus imagine hugh laurie when reading about bertie, and stephen fry when reading about jeeves, makes it all the more better. naturally keep up with your harry potetr, and immerse yourself in agatha christie. my personal recommendations are: murder on the orient expess, murder of roger ackroyd, hercule poirot's christmas, murder on the links and the abc murders. have fun ;) and if you know any good books, recommend back to me :D xxx

anahit said...

oooh, and I noticed the french cinema book. we're studying history of french cinema atm in french...the new wave and all that jazz. saw francois truffaut and thought of you, I know you love the 400 blows. plus we're doing german cinema in german too, watching lola rennt without subtitles. am loving a level languages :D

Anonymous said...

The Pigman- by Paul Zindel
it is sort of weird and slightly romantic
but i think you'll like it
:) (and it's not too long either)

Catherine said...

At the moment I'm on a big Young Adult kick - all the books I read when I was a kid. Stuff like "The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" and "A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver" by E.L. Koningsburg, "Deenie" by Judy Blume, "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin, "The Egypt Game" by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary, the Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. You say you're happy to read books from any age bracket, so if you can find any of these, I'd strongly recommend. They might be hard to find though. When I was a kid, my mam went through a phase of ordering children's books in bulk from the U.S. She's a primary school teacher and I was kind of a test reader for her, which was great as I got loads of books!

As for something more "grown-up", I'll make a push for Paul Auster. He's the one who made me switch from reading children's fiction to grown-up books. I read "The New York Trilogy" when I was 13 and he's been my favourite author ever since. His writing is hard to categorise and I'll be the first to admit that he's Hit-or-Miss, but I looooove him, so give the aforementioned trilogy a try, "Oracle Night" or "The Book of Illusions".

He can be kind of serious, though, so pick up some David Sedaris for a good laugh. "Me Talk Pretty One Day" is the staple, but I haven't read anything by the man that hasn't made me laugh aloud in an embarrassing way. He has a new book coming out at the moment; it's not out in Ireland yet, don't know about England. I'm super excited, tomorrow I'm going into town to buy a pair of tickets for a reading he's doing in Dublin. Cannot. Wait.

For comedy, I also love Terry Pratchett, don't know if he's your style.

You didn't mention short stories, but I'll throw out some names: Lorrie Moore, ZZ Packer, Haruki Murakami.

Wow. Jeez - I tend to ramble on this subject, as you can tell. Sorry! I'll just second Kayleigh's recommendation for "The Wasp Factory" and skedaddle! Good luck. :)

Anonymous said...

You should try I Am Legend if you haven't already, so much better than the film.

Anonymous said...

...and think you will appreciate this

Just a girl said...

I'm with Catherine, Tamora Pierce is awesome, I was re-reading Song of the Lioness last break, it was great. =) I also agree with Kayleigh, you should read Twilight, I loved it and it's all the rage, they're even calling Stephanie Meyer the new JK.

If you like comedy/mystery, Janet Evanovich is hilarious, try the Stephanie Plum series (One for the Money, Two for the Dough etc - there's at least as many as 13 in the series, go for your life!) I adore Alexander McCall Smith, esp. The No. 1 Ladies' Dectective Agency series, but really anything of his, it's sweet, funny, mysterious and romantic, he's a great writer. I recently read The Time Traveler's Wife which was simply divine, romantic and thrilling and bittersweet. If you're into historical novels/romance like I am, I recommend Tracy Chevelier, in particular Burning Bright, Girl with a Pearl Earring (much better than the film) and Falling Angels. In terms of chicklit, I read Anybody Out There? by Marion Keyes, which I actually didn't really like, but my friend did. Oh, and I remember enjoying The Alphabet Sisters, by Monica McInerney, a semi-decent chicklit read. Both are big chicklit writers, if you love/hate them and want more. I also love Maureen McCarthy (Queen Kat, Carmel & St Jude Get a Life, When You Wake and Find Me Gone, Chain of Hearts) and Maureen Johnson (The Bermudez Triangle.)

Oh, and if you like the tv show, you may like the Gossip Girl books, I loved them before the show, but I warn they're different. As in, better. Bitchier. ♥ it!

Ha ha, that should give you plenty to consider, if not read! (Once I get started about books, it's hard to stop!)


Josette said...

I've just read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. It's a good start to your reading spree.

There're so many books to be read actually. It's just that there's absolutely no time!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian" by Shermen Alexie and it was great! He's a brilliant comedian too.

The Gonch said...

Hey Emma, glad to see you're back posting! Good luck on your exams! Dunno if you've already read it, but I'd recommend Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane!!! I finished it in like 5 hours! It's such a great read!

Anonymous said...


Stace said...

Anything by Alexander Mccall Smith

Candy Girl-Duablo Cody
The Friday Night Knitting Club-Kate Jacobs

Welcome back Emma

Anonymous said...

A couple of my favourite books are:
Pecked to Death by Ducks
Scotland Street

Anonymous said...

portuguese for beginners lol

Emma said...

Thanks for the recommendations everyone! I'll look for these when I go the the library tomorrow!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Bit late here - so you may not pick this rec up :(

House of Leaves - Mark Danielewski: weird, wonderful and should be in your library
Bitten - Kelley Armstrong: there's a great relationship at its heart between Elena and Clay in this tale of werewolves
Libra - Don DeLillo: his 'version' of the JFK assassination
Anna Karenina - Tolstoy: I'd recommend reading it alongside watching the C4 version that was done in 2000 [I think the DVD is still available]
Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH - Robert O'Brien: one of my favourite books as a child
Gods Behaving Badly - Marie Phillips: just out in paperback but enlightened libraries may have this [she's a blog friend and although it's, ahem, got some secks in it, it is also hilarious and smart]
The History of Love - Nicole Krauss: get a BIG box of hankies

I'll quit while I'm ahead there!

Anonymous said...

This is late, unfortunately, but if you're looking for something "weird" then I'd recommend anything written by Chuck Palahniuk, if you haven't read them already. Specifically Diary, Survivor, or Fight Club (you miiiight have heard of this being made into a movie XD). Legend goes that the first Palahniuk book you read is always your favorite.

Also, Barnes and Noble has new versions of almost all of Shakespeare's plays out, and the cover design is gorgeous.

I wonder if they have Barnes and Noble in England...

Anonymous said...

I like the photo. You should lend me French Cinema and Notes on a Scandal :) (the movie is one of three I have seen twice at cinema).

Glad to see The Thin Man. I have this weird pink copy too and this is my first book I have ever read in foreign language (however I haven't seen the movie yet). Truly, the first was Fight Club but I haven't finished it so I don't count it.

Maybe it's too late for recommendation (no, it's never too late! :)) but I'm curious about your opinion of Point Counter Point.

Anonymous said...

The Time Traveler's Wife has romantic love scenes of which you so desire :P
and it's so beautiful and poignant (not the love scenes per se, the novel I mean) and it's just an amazing book, quite frankly.

Life's a Wardrobe said...

Ooo you have to read these:

Feed by M.T. Anderson

Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabe

The Prince and The Pauper by Mark Twain

I particulary recommend the first - it really makes you think about the future, its funny and its got a romance in it. Plus, its slightly strange!

bambi_gurl26 said...

There's already loads of recommendations on here, but here's a couple more for you =). Some are aimed at teenagers and some at adults, they're all equally good. :

The Princess Bride by William Goldman
This so sweet, funny... and well-written, too.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
I must admit, this freaked me out so I only read halfway through, it was a little too graphic for me by the end but I think I just scare easily lol. Once you get through the religion stuff, it's quite interesting, especially (or perhaps not, depending how you look at it) if you like animals.

Pure Dead Magic/Pure Dead Wicked/ Pure Dead Brilliant/ Deep Water/ Deep Trouble/ Deep Fear by Debi Gliori

The Magic in the Weaving/The Healing in the Vine (there are 2 more but I can't remember their names) by Tamora Pierce

31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell
Takes a while to get going, but v. sweet and hooks you in.

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
Not really chicklit I guess..Most amazing book ever, though.

The Boyfriend List by E.Lockhart

Memoirs of A Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

Hope that helps :]

Anonymous said...

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