Saturday, September 11, 2010

Favourite Individual Line Deliveries in Girls Aloud songs.

I've been listening to Girls Aloud religiously recently, they being my go-to band for songs when my boyfriend pisses me off (which is just about every day). I noticed some lines really, really lingered with me, whether it be for the delivery of them, the poetry in the lyrics, or a mixture of both. Thus, this list.

01. Nicola: "from top to bottom I'm a woman, sunshine" - Sexy! No No No...
02. Nadine: "like beautiful robots dancing alone" - Untouchable
03. Cheryl: "I gotta let you know..." - Can't Speak French
04. Cheryl: intro to Sexy! No No No...
05. Cheryl: "out of the fire that burns inside me, a phoenix is rising" - Call the Shots
06. Nicola: "through wind and rain we got here, now we're flying babe with no fear" - Untouchable
07. Sarah: "your kisses taste like cyanide and that's not good for me" - Graffiti My Soul
08. Nadine: "I was Snow White 'til I started to drift" - Close to Love
09. Kimberley: "and who could ever question any crying I do" - Can't Speak French
10. Cheryl's rap in Watch Me Go


Any I've missed out that you particularly love?


Nadine Coyle finally let us in on the full audio of her new single, Insatiable:


monkey said...

they being my go-to band for songs when my boyfriend pisses me off (which is just about every day).

am I right in sensing a messy break-up looming?

Emma said...

Heh. Well actually, sad as it is, we could well break up in the next two weeks. I don't think it'll be messy though, more a mutual decision, and somewhat bittersweet. It was fun whilst it lasted, and that.

monkey said...

well. i'm glad you're not too hung up about it. i guess that shows that you knew all along it wasn't meant to be for the long-term, and fun whilst it lasted? in any case, you deserve nothing but the best, and if you don't feel that he's it...

Besty said...

Butting in here, but I'm disappropriately sad to hear that things aren't going well in man-land for you, Emz. I so wanted you to have someone you felt that special bond with.

Anonymous said...

Nicola's legs are so pasty and gross.

james r said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Emma said...

Jesus Christ, you people are harsh!

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