Monday, November 17, 2008

I just watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for Another Day.

Fun, frivolous, with another heart-winning turn by Amy Adams (the scene where she sings the no.1 is astounding), and with some eye-poppingly pretty costumes!



Besty said...

Glad you liked it, thought you might. It's a favourite with my sisters!

chrissie said...

nice photoshopping, your photoshop's gotten better :)

Anonymous said...

) Would I go bungee jumping?
a) Hell Yeh!
b) No way
c) it depends how much u pay me
d) Well, i spose...yeh y not

2) What r my 2 fave muse songs?
a) Hysteria and Smallprint
b) Plug in Baby and Absolution
c) Butterflies and Hurricanes and Time is Running out
d) Apocolypse and Feelin good

3) Who is the sexiest most fantastic man alive 2day
a) Billie Joe Armstrong
b) Matt Bellamy
c) wouldnt YOU lyk 2 no!
d) ME!!!!!
e) Richard Fleeshman