Sunday, October 19, 2008


01. What thought crosses your mind more than any other?
02. Which song are you listening to a lot recently?
03. 3 things you want to do before you die?
04. This sort of thing. Hot or not?
05. Who’s your favourite member of Girls Aloud?


Catherine said...

01. I couldn't say.
02. Eartha Kitt singing "I Want To Be Evil". Love her. Also, Ella Fitzgerald's "Lady Is A Tramp". I honestly think of that song as a guide to life.
03.Get published / Live in New York / Fall in love.
04. Not.
05. Nadine! Mainly because of the memories of her scandalous appearance in the Irish version of Popstars. She made the final band, but then it was revealed she was too young. Scandal! There was this hugely dramatic episode where they made her get her passport, and she pretended she'd lost it and finally the truth came out and she had to leave. The next day at school it was all anyone was talking about. I bet she thanks her lucky stars every night for that incident. If she had've been eligible, she would've ended up in Six. A band that lasted...oh, one single.

Plus, she gets all the best singing parts in Girls Aloud.

Just a girl said...

1. I'm tired, or I'm excited (about something-or-other). My most frequent moods.
2. A few I have on repeat, mostly from the Gossip Girl soundtrack (LOVE it)..."I got it from my mama," by, Disturbia by Rihanna, One Week of Danger by the Virgins and Just Dance by Lady Ga Ga.
3. Fall in love, travel with that special someone, and get published.
4. It can be. This particular instance isn't.
5. Um...I have no idea who or what Girls Aloud is, so I don't know...


the misomaniac said...

1. probably "god, i fucking hate this".
2. "worst case scenario"- laakso. its not new but has been on repeat for the past 2 days. ditto the heartbreakers' "chinese rocks"...
3. learn swedish, learn deutsch, learn welsh, be a billionaire.
4. if youre referring to homosexual men, then i guess, hot. if youre referring to their appearances/the background decor/general ambiance... definitely NOT...
5. all members of girls aloud get negative points for being a terrible, unimaginative, commercialized wannabe-spice girls substandard non-swedish girl band.

p.s. watched a british film called "like minds" ["murderous intent" in the states/here] yesterday. eddie redmayne/angel clare from tess is in it and HES ACTUALLY GOOD. its shocking.

Emma said...

Really? Must check that out.

WatchingStar said...

1. Stories
2. Moulin Rouge Tango song. ROXANNNEEE!!
3. Anything with movies x3
4. Not...the lighting is shit!:)
5. The quiet one...I really have no idea.

anahita said...


2. The Duchess soundtrack and Disturbia.

3. horse-riding. travelling. kiss a boy *blushes and sinks into floor*

4. um, what? if you're refering to "guy love" then...ummm...welll...I don't find it "hot" the way guys find girls kissing "hot". But if they really like each other then I think it's sweet. And btw, in this particular instance definitely not.

5. Cheryl. Could she be sweetier and prettier?

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