Sunday, October 05, 2008


01. September: How was it for you?
02. What colour is your mobile phone?
03. What do you think is the longest you can without accessing the internet?
04. Your favourite musical number from a Disney film?
05. What was the last book you read, and was it any good?



anahita said...

1. quite fun actually, despite school starting. If the rest of the year is like this, I'll be quite pleased.

2. pink and silver

3. two or three days if I have access to it. But if I'm on holiday or whatever, then however long it takes lol.

4. *thinks* something from beauty and the our guest atm.

5. can't remember. am getting through dracula atm. exciting stuff :D xxx

Besty said...


Martín said...

1. It was kinda "meh".

2. Hard to define. It's sort of a gray-blue thing...

3. Wow. 3 - 4 days. It would be painful, though.

4. Something from Aladdin, probably. That movie is so much fun! The Lion King is a good contender too. Sorry I can't give a final answer.

5. Christopher Hitchens' "God is not great". It was ok. I thought it would be better.

Emma said...

Bung, indeed. *nods*

lost within said...

1- Other than starting school , September was good !

2- Black with a bit of red !

3- I had an internet diet planned and it only lasted for 8 hours !

4- can't think of any !

5- last book I read was in Arabic " Woman at point Zero" .. It was some how a waste of time. Not that interesting or thought provoking .

Kayleigh said...

1. Totally hectic, a bit scary but amazing. It's been an even better experience than I thought it would be. I adore university so much!
2. It's a chocolate brown colour.
3. Erm, a couple of days I guess.
4. Tough one. Circle of Life (Lion King), I Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book), Zero to Hero (Hercules - they played the song over the freshers play curtain call and I now adore it), Beauty and the Beast and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella).
5. It was The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark. It was amazing, I seriously recommend it to you if you haven't read it.

Stace said...

1. Unforgettable-I got engaged

2. Black

3. Maybe 1 day

4. have no clue.

5. Water for Elephants

Emma said...

@ Stace - major, major congratulations! *hugs*

J.D. said...

01. Numb.
02. I... don't have one.
03. 16 hours. I've timed it!
04. "Colors of the Wind".
05. Don't remember, probably.

Just a girl said...

1. Half hectic, while I was at uni, and half very relaxing while I was at home. Surprisingly, it didn't make me sneeze as much as it usually does...
2. Black, sleek and's an iPhone!
3. Not very long. I did go 40 hours (for the 40 hour famine), and I do go a few days in the holidays without...before I start to shake. Kidding. If I'm travelling, I can usually last a few weeks (unless there's free airport internet, then I can't resist.)
4. Circle of Life. Or Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and yes, very.


Patryk said...

1. Should have been better.
2. I'm not good at naming colours.
3. Hard to say, I'm addicted to.
4. None.
5. You mean started and finished? Well, The Serial Killers Club. So-so. I'm still struggling with several other books.